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August 11, 2006 / Dan Hertz

Tetanus shot reaction

So this is the first time I’ve had this sort of reaction to an immunization, but wow. I’m finally feeling better, but for two days I essentially had the flu. Minus the coughing and congestion part, which was rather odd, but I had the whole muscles aching part, the not being able to do anything, being too exhausted to stand up for more than a couple of minutes at a time… it was just extremely unpleasant.
Thankfully, I am now feeling better. Those things apparently tend to last between 24 and 48 hours, and I guess I was just a bit on the outside of that. Now I am trying to catch up on stuff for the past few days. I can’t say that I’m completely better, but I’m defintely feeling improvement. Whether I’ll be up to playing ultimate tomorrow or not remains to be seen, I guess.

Now I can move along with cleaning up my apartment, which has pretty much gone to hell in the last week. And I need to actually work on my character for JP’s Amber game. I think I’m settling more on the Royal Physician concept, although I need to think more about his motivations and goals. And his powers and attributes, of course, although so far those aren’t really what define him.

Edited on June 7, 2008 to include:

I must once again make sure that I state unequivocally how important it is to make sure you do get vaccinated against tetanus.

Whatever incredibly rare side effects we may have suffered as a result of the vaccine (and eighty odd people over the course of several years is indeed a small number out of the thousands who get the shot every day), this is nothing as compared with the deadly toxin that is Tetanus. It is one of the more painful ways of dying, and even if you are fortunate enough to survive, is by all accounts one of the least pleasant experiences one can have.

Please keep that in mind if you are contemplating not having a tetanus shot in the future because of the reactions people mention in the comments below.

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  1. Sandy / Aug 15 2006 11:31 pm

    I have been searching all over the web for similar reactions to tetanus shots, but have been unsuccessful until now. I had a tetanus shot on Sunday, and last night I went into full blown flu mode. Muscle aches, fever, chills, racing heartbeat, headache, and severe pain in the arm where I received the injection. Today I still feel lethargic and achy, and everytime my three year old accidentally hits my arm I yell out in pain, but it’s a definite improvement over last night.

  2. dhertz / Aug 15 2006 11:41 pm

    Interesting that I’m not the only person to have had this reaction. I had the combination diptheria-tetanus (but not whooping cough).

    From what I gather from reading the full write-ups on the tetanus shot, this isn’t that uncommon, although I had certainly never experienced it before. It did go away after two days (I had the shot Tuesday lunchtime and I was feeling a lot better by late on Friday. I also had the severe pain in my arm where the injection was.
    Unless you have the misfortune of taking even longer to recover than I did, I would expect you to be getting better by Thursday morning or evening. In the meantime, it’s pretty terrible. It’s been ages since I had the flu and I’d forgotten just how miserable you end up feeling.

  3. Amy / Aug 23 2006 4:47 pm

    WOW!! I just received a tetanus shot on Monday. Monday night I woke myself up out of a dead sleep by accidently rolling over on the arm that I had received the shot in! The nurse warned me that the arm might be “tender”…but this was PAIN, not tenderness! Then Wednesday afternoon I started to develop flu-like symptoms! My entire body felt achy, I had chills, felt dizzy when I stood up, had an anxiety attack, etc. Today (Wednesday) I feel a bit better, but still feel like I got hit by a Mack truck!! At least they only recommend these shot every 10 years!!!

  4. Cheryl / Aug 27 2006 6:48 pm

    I had a tetnus shot on Sunday night after I fell and cut my head. My arm hurts so bad. I have a huge knot where the shot was given and my muscles hurt like a charlie horse in my arm…..Its warm to the touch and it also feels like my fingers on that arm tingle. Hope this is normal! And hoping it goes away soon! Hurts more than my head!!

  5. jeff / Aug 30 2006 1:32 am

    Thank you guys for posting. I had the shot Sunday, 27th as well and I’ve had the same flu-like symptoms. I was getting a bit nervous reading other sites until I came across this one. Looks like I’m on track to recovery tomorrow according to all of your posts. Thanks again. My 6 and 4 year old can’t wait to have their dad back. I’ve been a zombie.

  6. Sheila / Sep 2 2006 3:23 am

    Thank God I found the comments above about Flu like reactions to Tetnus shots. Sure is reassuring (I think) to find others with this reaction. Feels really AWFUL. I expected my arm to hurt but not the aches and pains running throughout my body, the fatigue………and oddly enough, extreme anxiety (which thankfully for me, is a new thing.) Also unable to sleep deeply.

    I had a Traumatic Brain Injury 4 months ago, and wondered if this extreme reaction could be related to my healing process.
    Thank you for sharing!

  7. Vickie / Sep 5 2006 9:45 pm

    I had a tetanus shot combination along with Whooping cough 8 days ago. I had fallen and pierced my upper arm with a nail. I have had a cough, flu-like symptoms, arm pain, along with extreme tiredness ever since… I have felt quite awful! Of course, I am as well over 50 years old. Maybe age has a bit to do with the reaction that I am now having. Your web-site has given me some hope that I will soon recover. THANKS :))

  8. Al / Sep 6 2006 1:34 pm

    I had a tetanus shot yesterday and had some unpleasant reactions. First I got hot and my lips were turning white so the nurse made me lay in the room for a while and checked on me. a few minutes later i got real dizzy and passed out. I remember intense and fast paced dreams and feeling like I was shaking just before I came to again. I was tense and as sound began rushing into my ears again I was staring at the wall and pictures wondering what was going on and where I was. A few seconds later I remembered and relaxed a bit.

    I was really hot and sweating by now and couldn’t sit up. I felt weak and nausious so i moved off the bed onto the cool floor and put my feet up on a chair. The nurse didn’t seem to like this much when she came back with water, i was made to sit in a chair and drink. The symptoms lasted about another 20 minutes then started to go away.

    When I left I was still feeling unusual so I decided to walk back to work (10 blocks) so I could just relax and take some extra time. I was still dizzy and the ground seemed to move similar to vertigo.

    When my arm started getting sore I used and ice pack for a couple hours and arm was good from then on. Had a slight weak/tired feeling and headache, napped after work then slept normally last night. Today I am all fine.

    The nurse explained before hand these side effects so whether or not they were psychological I do not know. I have anxiety and panic disorder and I cannot seem to find anywhere that lists reactions such as these. Not looking forward to my next one.

  9. Bob B / Sep 7 2006 6:23 pm

    Sounds like your reaction was much more than expected.
    - Most physicians receive 2 hours during 7 years of medical school on vaccines. Not even 1 minute on vaccine reaction.
    - IF… you were running a fever during this ‘flu like’ process, you most likely suffered some level of encephalitis (brain swelling). You’re foturate it did not cause long term damage.
    - Want to learn about vaccines, check out (and related links along with your browser with the vaccine name followed by the word ‘reaction’)— note that this is the other side of the coin. Yet, they are the leaders in vaccine protection of the public (DON’T BE FOOLED — the pharmacuetical companies are the LARGEST and most highly FUNDED LOBBY in Washington DC and other countries and they DO control drugs such as vaccines and how they’re introduced…. not doctors, and certainly not science). Many physicians are now having family members injured, others just can’t ignore the data any more. As this is happening, we are learning more each day by physicians willing to speak up… problem is, the ‘normal’ medical community is stuck in a narrow paradym and consider the information questionable, because they don’t want to bite the had that feeds them (pharmaceutical companies). Get informed.
    - By the way, I have 4 college degrees, am married to a woman who has been in traditional western medicine for nearly 30 years, and my youngest SON died after a 6 year battle with complications from a vaccine (mmr) according to one of the U.S.’s leading pediatric neurologists and the worlds leading neuro-pathologist (who performed the autopsy).
    - Most vaccines are not needed. In fact, many are more dangerous than not getting them (e.g. Hep B, etc). (This one lost a class action lawsuit in France, proving the vaccine is 40 to 400 times more dangerous than your likelihood to ever come in contact with the Hep B virus in your entire lifetime), while a plasma center will reveal not even 1 in 10 people having received the Hep B series of vaccines carried the antibodies needed to protect them from getting the disease (meaning it is 40-400 times more likely to injur you than not getting the vaccine and less than 10% effective).
    Frankly, many vaccines wouldn’t be NEAR as dangerous if they were not ‘combined’. Medical books published in the 50′s, 60′s, and early 70′s state if your client contracts mumps and in the unlikely event contracts measles or rubella at the same time, there is nearly a 100% chance of ‘some level’ of neurological damage…. know, the antigens in the MMR vaccine are at a much lower level than when we produce them if actually contracting the disease, but even so, why take the chance injecting this combination in infants / children? GIVE THEM SEPERATELY, 1 year apart.

    DPT, Japan eliminated this vaccine to new borns. DT (Diptheria/Tetanus) is given to new borns there, but P (Pertussis) is not given until after the child is 2 years old ((Note: If an infant is exposed to pertussis, the vaccine is viable and will protect them if given up to 72 hours after exposure))…. NICE SIDE EFFECT, Japan experience a 90%+ reduction in ‘Cot Death’ after eliminating the ‘P’ in the DPT vaccine to infants. ((By the way, the U.S.’s CDC calls this coincidence…. as they do with the 400% increase in autisism in the U.S. and 10 years later the 450% increase in autisim in Great Britain after the introduction of the combined MMR vaccine to the general public. (it may be interesting to note, I was in elementary school in the 60′s, and can recall maybe 1 child in over 100 in my grade level who ‘might’ qualify for add or adhd, yet now there is estimated 3 per classroom in the U.S. and it might be noted add and adhd attack the brain in much the same way, only to a lesser extent as autism.)
    Things to think about……

  10. dhertz / Sep 8 2006 3:35 am

    While I appreciate the comments that people are posting on this, I didn’t actually intend for my blog to become either a place for people to share their experiences with tetanus shot reactions or a venue for people to make a general statement about their views on whether or not immunizations are a good thing.

    I’ve therefore decided to stop allowing further comments on this post.

  11. Dan F / Apr 4 2007 7:42 am

    Well, it looks like I’m joining the party. I stepped on a nail Sunday and went to my practicioner on Monday for the tetanus shot. I felt great on Tuesday and then went to work out. Feelng exceptionally strong, I benched 8 sets of 8 reps with 250lbs. Within an hour I felt like a knife pierced my deltoid. Two hours later i felt like I had the flu with every muscle and joint aching in my body. Wednesday (today) I was barely able to get out of bed and make it to work. Thank goodness this only lasts 48 hours.

  12. jen / May 17 2007 10:38 am

    i had a tetnus shot booster in 1991-immediate reactions were pain, swelling then within 24 hours medium to high fevers more swelling, bruising at site. withing 1 week more swelling, site was very hard & purple bruising & very hot at the site, still off & on fevers. this lasted for almost 3 months but the worse is yet to come. the entire arm slowly became numb & i had nerve tingling with some loss of use. the arm just sort of felt like dangling off my body. this last almost 5 months. the fevers & the site being hot lasted for months as well. i was told this is normal. i read the reactions to tetnus after this injection & i had all the worse reactions but death. as a child i had a tetnus & fainted then convulsed but this is called ‘normal’ in the 1960′s. i think none of this is normal & i hope to never get tetnus or tetnus boosters again.

  13. Tommy / Jun 11 2007 10:45 pm

    I got a tetanus shot sunday, June 10, 2007 at 1:30pm. 30 hours later, I cant lift my arm, I am running 100.3 fever, and the arm is so sore if I even try to move it, I literally scream out in pain. My muscles all over my body ache just as if I had the flu. I sure hope this improves soon. I had no idea a reaction like that could happen. My son-in-law sent me alink to this site. I am glad it was here because my wife thought I was crazy.

  14. Andrew / Jun 15 2007 1:34 pm

    You, my friend, have just been injected with mercury. Welcome to the club. Yours and the other reactions on this page are classic mercury poisoning symptoms. The amount of mercury added under the brand name Thimerosal to a tetanus shot far outweighs the amount you would absorb after eating several large helpings of mercury laden tuna, with the added bonus that it is injected right into your blood so your gut’s immune system has been bypassed.

    In future ask for a Thimerosal free vaccine. Keep an eye on your ability to cope mentally in the near future – your ability to feel at ease in social situations, to make eye contact, etc. And most importantly, if you have been on antibiotics in the past, go out and get a good strong probiotic. Without your good bacteria, you’re not going to be able to rid yourself of the poison your doctor just injected into your arm. It’s virtually impossible for the body to get rid of it anyway, but much much worse without healthy bacteria.

  15. Andrew / Jun 15 2007 1:36 pm

    I should have stated that even though I thought I’d recovered from my reaction to the DPT shot I had in 2001 within a few days, I now look back and see that it was from that point that I found it difficult to get up in the morning and I subsequently lost a very good job (within a few weeks of the shot).

  16. Marilee / Jun 17 2007 1:49 pm

    I just want to thank all of you for sharing your experiences with tetanus shots. I am truly sorry you had to go through such dreadful experiences and I cannot imagine why doctors do not tell the truth and why they think it’s OK to mislead us. I have been researching symptoms and reactions to tetanus shots, because my doctor recommended I receive it, but I was apprehensive. That was two months ago. Unfortunately, I fell down the stairs on Thursday (three days ago) and landed on dirt and granite stone. As a result, I cut my knee and bruised my elbow. I immediately remembered my doctors words, but pushed them aside. Last night, my knee was very swollen and red, and frankly, infected. How could that happen after all the care and cleaning I put into it? A painter came to my house today and said that some dirt probably got in there and I need to scrub it. I soaked it and scrubbed it with a sterilized brush earlier today. Hopefully it will heal. To make matters worse, I cut myself again today while raking. Regardless, I am not going for a shot. I will take my chances of healing without a tetanus shot. Thank you once again. A special thanks to Dan for keeping this blog going.

  17. Dan Hertz / Jun 17 2007 10:32 pm

    So far I have not been commenting on the comments people have been leaving since I re-opened it for comments a while back. However I do not want someone to be misinterpreting or misrepresenting my position on vaccinations in any way.
    I am in no way suggesting that people should not get vaccines. Immunization is extremely important in preventing disease. And of all the diseases to avoid getting, tetanus really is one of the more unpleasant and dangerous. No-one should consider my minor inconvenience of a reaction to the immunization any reason not to get a DPT booster shot. Consider what lockjaw actually does to you, by comparison.

    While it is possible that some people have had stronger adverse reactions to tetanus shots than mine, I don’t doubt that people would still choose to suffer that sort of reaction over suffering from tetanus.

    Again, this blog is NOT an encouragement for people to not get their recommended immunizations of any sort, and tetanus in particular.

  18. Stephanie / Jun 24 2007 8:32 pm

    I am so glad I found this site. I thought I was goign crazy. My arm hurts so bad and I had my shot 3 days ago. Im starting to not feel so great either. I was ready for a trip to the dr. until I came here. Thank heavens for Google!

  19. Rick / Jun 27 2007 12:42 am

    Wow… I agree with Dan. I would not recommend that people don’t get vaccinated. However, as I write this, my left arm has been hard as a rock for almost 5 days now. And today I have been feeling “tingling” near my forearm. The 2nd night after the shot, both of my calfs were “burning” along with the pain traveling throughout my body. Muscles and nerves have been like pins and needles. At this point I don’t know what’s normal and what’s not. I will say that had I known I was going to experience this, I would have “taken my chances” without the shot, or got the shot after an incident.
    Thanks Dan, and others…

  20. Sandra Sapinski / Jul 3 2007 7:06 am

    Read through all of the posts – yes, my arm was sore for a few days,no big deal – but I sure was exhausted, dizzy, and also, had a few shooting pains in my neck on the same side as the injection which was my left arm – the doctor asked me which arm i wanted to be sore “tomorrow”. It’s been over 2 weeks now since this dumb accident and things are much improved. The fall and the stitches were severe enough ( I felt ) to warrant the tetanus shot -it was over 10 years since the last time and I forgot about the sore arm – of course, I was 10 years younger then too ! I would not have chosen to opt out – even with the shot, the cut was still infected -also went home with prescriptions for bacterial infection ( did take ) and for pain ( did not take ) so thank heavens we have medical comforts available.Will go and have the stitches out today – finally no infection and things are on the mend… I am still mad at myself for falling in the first place – fell into a “hole” near a pond while trying to chase an owl away from some baby ducks. I’d do it again. Peace to all and Happy 4th.

  21. David Reekie / Jul 7 2007 9:44 pm

    Don’t know if I am in the right place. This is the first time I have ever blogged any subject, let alone something about myself and arthritis like pains….so here is the start of my story.
    In April of this year I was on my roof and had to hoist a aluminum ladder up so I could reach my chinney.
    While hoisting the extended ladder from the ground up to where I was it scraped my right chin.
    It immediately swelled. I got off the roof and tried to do something different….mow the lawn.
    Within ten or twenty minutes after starting the mowing my right chin was hurting a lot…I drew blood a little.
    The chin swelled and I went to the doctors the next day.
    My family doctor gave me a tetasus shot in the left arm.
    The arm felt heavy the next day and got progressly worse with each.
    If anyone is interested I will go into details.
    From April to May 2007 it progressed so fast I had thought I broke my left wrist and dislocated both my shoulders…the pain on one day was like having a stroke.
    I am on Naproxen, had my shoulders and wrist x-rayed….found nothing.
    I am in mortal pain waking up in the morning….pain at night before sleep and severe discomfort in between.
    I am 54 and in excellant shape….5’11” 200lbs muscular build.
    Bicycle and am or was active.
    I can not bring either hand to my shoulder, wrist still feels like it is cracked.
    This was not a slow process…
    I am lost for words and only wonder.
    I have not yet seen my doctor after she put me on Naproxen…
    Is this it? Naproxen.
    I am more interested in if others have experienced this.
    If there was one word to describe myself it would be “very aware and very observate of myself, my health and my surroundings”
    These are just the facts!

  22. Sarah / Jul 12 2007 9:40 am

    Hi all,
    I just want to say that I had a tetanus shot some years ago and I am lucky to still be alive. I had flu like symptoms and terrible pain in my arm/neck but instead of going away I went into cardiac arrest at the age of 18. I will never be able to get a tetanus shot again (recommended by my doctor).
    I am a nursing student and I don’t recommend the tetanus shot anyway. Tetanus is a bacteria. If you cut your arm antibiotics will keep you from getting tetanus.

  23. Tecia / Jul 15 2007 9:57 pm

    I just had a tetenus shot on Monday due to cutting my foot. By Weds I was in so much pain I could not lift my head off the pillow. My husband took me to the ER where they said I had muscle spasms and a migraine headache. My neck and back pain is severe and I have a burning sensation throughout my body. I am convinced now it is the tetanus shot. I am glad to read others have had this and recovered.

  24. Gevene (alias your mom) / Jul 17 2007 4:19 pm

    I just want to say that I have had tetanus shots at various times in my life and I NEVER had more than a local reaction in the form of a hot, tender spot on my arm that lasted a few days. I think these extreme reactions people report are unusual. And, as Dan pointed out, even so, much less unpleasant than tetanus.

  25. Beverly / Jul 18 2007 10:47 am

    Right now I am experiencing the same problem. Received the shot 2 weeks ago and I have such pain raidating down my arm. Shoulder hurts to the fact I can’t lift it. The muscles in my upper arm throb so bad I can’t sleep at night. I was searching the web for any problems after receiving the injection. Thank goodness I found this.
    Has anyone gone back to their Dr? If so what did they say or recommend?

  26. Paul D / Jul 19 2007 9:26 pm

    Thanks for this blog entry and the comments Dan… I realize it wasn’t what you intended but it is comforting for someone like me to find a “Hey, me too” resource on the ‘Net.

    I just had a tetanus shot yesterday, things seemed fine enough… but then I had really disturbing dreams in the night and this morning, same symptoms as many of you. Pretty intense arm pain, spacey feelings, fatigue, confused mentally… Ugh. I hope it will pass in another day or two… my symptoms are a drag but not nearly as scary as some of the stories above.

  27. Jeanne / Oct 4 2007 3:22 pm

    I had a tetenus shot last Tuesday as part of a routine new job physical. My arm from elbow to shoulder hurt just like those noted above. Severe pain that made me holler out when the kids I worked with brushed against me or hugged me. I also had another bizarre reaction. My lymph node in my neck was soft like a fluid pocket the next day. After 6 days I went to the doctor. Anyone have this reaction. I called the HR department which said that is a possible reaction, but I haven’t seen it written anywhere. In the meantime, my doctor ordered a sonogram and a few blood tests to rule out anything else as the cause.

    • lisa garretson / Oct 23 2009 10:43 am

      I had same reaction from tetanus/whooping cough shot my lymph nodes at the base of my neck were swelled the size of a egg ,it was a fluid pocket on both sides of my neck, also lymph nodes under my arm were sore.

  28. Suzette / Oct 4 2007 10:42 pm

    I had a tetanus shot on Saturday it being the following Thursday now.
    And I was fine the day i had the shot, but the day after it started to get red (about the size of a Dollar coin, and there was a big hard ball beneath my skin (still there, imagine it to be the size of a walnut), it is itchy too.
    I only found one other reference to the hard ball and it recommended heat therapy, a nurse i spoke to recommended Ice…..I’ve tried both, no real difference. The nurse claimed it was probably a local reaction….but i’m creeped out that it’s still here 5 days later…

    • Nichole / Mar 9 2010 12:03 pm

      I realize the post I am replying to is like 3 yrs old. BUT I got the tentanus shot last yr, 1/1/09- and I still have the dollar coin sized lump under my skin at the injection site. Will this ever go away? I was in extreme pain, & the injection site, my whoel arm rather, hurt worse than the actual deep cut I had to get 15 stitches in. It hurt for over a week, and was red and swollen. All this they said was normal. What does this mean that I still have the bump, hard bump, under my skin… any ideas??

      • Nichole / Mar 9 2010 12:13 pm

        Thinking back it was way more than a week that my arm was swollen and in pain.. and I too was told hot compress & also then cold compress by different medically informed people.. neither helped! and again, I am still left with a big bump under my skin, like a hard mostly flatened marble…

  29. Mitch / Oct 15 2007 7:51 am

    Stepped on a nail. Got a tetnaus shot 3 days later at hospital in MD. Felt flu like symptons starting 24 hours later; achey, headache. Started stomach cramps, the shits, weaker feeling after 30 hours. Vomiting and blood in stood started around 36 hours. Still shitting blood (crap all gone), constant stomach cramp (worse when laying on left side), stomach gurgling, nausea after 44 hours. Not over yet. Don’t feel worse, but don’t feel that much better yet either. Foot puncture looks fine; no redness at all. Shot in arm looks fine but mildly sensitive/sore. Quite stiff and sore in general.

  30. Brianna / Oct 20 2007 11:41 pm

    I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one that had flu like symptoms. Body aches, high fever, headache, intense pain at the injection sight. Not too sure if I will be getting another one next time around. I thought I was going crazy thanks for the input everyone.

  31. Bill Schuster / Oct 31 2007 7:24 pm

    I had a severe reaction to a Tetanus shot in 5-30-81. While driving home I devolped hives, throat swelling shut and my heart felt like it was being squeezed. I returned to the doctors office blacking out on my way. He gave me 2 shots one Benadryl and adrenaline. While the hives disapeared the doctor noticed that I had to began to rub my right knee. He said it was a sideaffect and would last 1 or 2 months.I devolped jaw, head, neck, shoulder and arm pain. I am still suffering tmj, neck pain and my right shoulder is 3 inches lower than my left. I have found out that I had a reaction as a baby with brain damage and a learning disability. My parents never told me or the family doctor.

  32. You are Freaks / Nov 4 2007 3:35 pm

    I’m 35, I just had my 10 year booster after a physical. Shot doesn’t hurt at all. One day later your injection site, upper arm will hurt – stop whining. Yes you may feel a little tired and I even have had a slight headache. You all bitch and moan, have any of you morons seen someone with a Tetanus infection? Check it out:

  33. Nicole / Nov 12 2007 10:39 pm

    I got my tetanus booster shot upon the advice of our pediatrician due to her professional concerns that more and more children are contracting whooping cough. Apparently our immunizations as kids/teenagers “wear off” and we need boosters every so many years. Since we have young children and are in our thirties, my husband and I took her advice and got ours at the same time we got our flu vaccines. My husband had a mild reaction to the tetanus/pertussis shot while mine has been more severe. I do have a mild allergy to thimerisol (known since I can’t use certain saline solutions for contacts due to burning) but I didn’t react this way to any flu vaccine that I get every year. I got the shots last Thursday, five days ago now, and my arm is starting to feel better. That’s a relative term since nursing my youngest with her head leaning on the arm had me in tears and anyone touching me on that arm in any area, let alone the injection site, was so painful I actually told my husband it was worse than my episiotomies. The swelling has gone down some but the lump remains, the redness and purple center remains, the radiating heat remains and now it itches slightly and yet is quite painful to even stroke lightly with a fingernail despite the urge to itch. My husband thinks this might be a bacterial infection and I will be calling my doctor tomorrow if there is no significant improvement. I am trying not to be paranoid but the elbow joint, wrist joint and shoulder muscles are aching as well. To be practical, possibly from me “favoring” my arm. I am torn between wanting to protect all children from whooping cough, most importantly my own of course, and my regret for getting the shot and going through all this. I hope we all feel better soon and that old posters have healed!

  34. ruth / Nov 13 2007 6:14 pm

    II don’t think it’s fair to make fun of people for hurting. I have also had reaction to tetanus, and the doctor realized that I was allergic to horse serum, so I did not have any tetanus shots for the last 30 years.In 1981, it could be that horse serum was still being used. Now that I have a new doctor, I have been informed that they do not use horse serum any longer. Lucky for me. However, I went ahead ang got a shot the other day–didn’t hurt at all. But my arm still has a little “knot” in it and it hurts like crazy. Hopefully it will go away soon.

  35. Darrel Wright / Nov 14 2007 10:56 am

    I’m 38 and just got a tetanus booster. Didn’t hurt at all the first day, second day my arm hurt a little, third day it hurt a lot and my armpit lymphnode is swollen and painfull, much like something I experienced when I was stung by 3 bees one day. Today (4th day) I have a back pain, weakness, fever of about 102, and am really spacy, still with the swollen lymph and painful arm. I’m glad to find this forum to see that others have similar reactions. Doctors really should warn about this so possibility as not to cause needless anxiety.

    I’m constantly getting nicked on metal in my various hobbies, so I still think a tetanus vac is a good idea generally, but I do think the reactions must be way underreported, just judging from what I see on the internet. I wonder if doctors really are even aware of these possibilities since people probably don’t report them. I can’t understand the attitude of “you are a freak.” You didn’t have a reaction, so anyone who does is a moron? Who’s the freak here?

  36. jason / Nov 23 2007 3:38 pm

    got a tetanus shot about 6 months ago after a healthy checkup. That I can remember I had never had one before. Got a pneumonia vaccine also and the nurse gave me both in the same arm, same spot. Anyway, it started to swell and was red and hot to the touch within hours. After a week the spot was roughly the size of a baseball. Without a doubt it was the worst pain of my life- if I hit it on a doorway or something I would almost pass out. Had a fever and was sick for at least a week or two afterwards. After a week red “fingers” grew out of the shot sight , most likly the vaccine or liquid spreading. That spreading went up across my chest about 5 inches from shot site and the other way went around my arm and into my arm pit which caused me not to be able to lift my arm for several days. Anyway, its been 6 months and I still have a marble sized ball or tumor at the shot sight, it still tingles and itches every day and mentally all I can say is that I havent felt “right” since I got this shot 6 months ago. I have more anxiety and have been very tired. The skins surface at the shot sight is completly numb still…I didnt even know this until I let a nieghbor touch the tumor and I was looking away and didnt feel the touch. After that I had my wife stick me with a needle around the site and right where I got the shot I have no feeling at all on the skin surface…numb. I have also had muscle loss as well in the shoulder and arm. Right around the site the muscle just turned to mush kind of like what I have heard with a spider bite or something. Oh god what a mistake I made listening to that doctor…I work in an office for petes sake how would i get tetanus?

  37. LilBird2 / Dec 1 2007 2:03 pm

    Stapled my hand with a staple gun…Ha!

    I think that it would be wise if all of us involved would step back a moment and think this through. We are taking advice and listening to horror stories from other people with just as much knowledge of tetanus as the next guy. Listening to eachother rant on about brain trauma, heart attacks, and severe pains will only lead to anxiety and worse symptoms that have nothing to do with the vaccine injection. My friends joke that I am a Web Doctor Junkie. I am beginning to realize that maybe they are right. Though it is nice to know my flu symptoms are normal, maybe we should search for this advice from a certified board physician, not eachother. Just a thought. Why do we torture ourselves with this madness? LOL :)
    P.S. Who staples their hand with a staple gun? I feel ridiculous.

  38. Martha / Dec 2 2007 7:21 pm

    Last Thursday, November 29th, I got a tetanus shot and am sorry that I did. I am now finally getting over it after having felt sick, having the runs, brain fog, lack of coordination, fatigue, lower back pain, itchiness, runny nose and sneezing and a feeling of being swollen overall. Luckily I did not have a fever. Fun wow! I definitely believe this to be a reaction to Thimerosal, ie, mercury of which I had no idea was present in vaccines — I don’t generally go for booster shots but somehow thought, o.k. I’ll take it. I am now kicking myself for having proceeded with the shot. I have never believed these booster shots did anything to prevent the respective disease. And worse, I remember the doctor telling me, after she had given me the shot and as she turned away, “call me if you get any serious reactions”. If she knew what the outcome would most likely be, why prescribe it? This family physician is a gonner for me. I have learned a lesson I will not soon forget. And, no more vaccinations for me. One must even be careful with local anaesthesia especially in dental offices.

    In any case, this family physician’s solution would most likely have been antibiotics, can’t say for sure, but whatever she would have done to resolve the matter would most likely have hurt my immune system further.

    I do believe that there is a need for both natural and western medicines and that in both you may find difficulty in consulting with reputable professionals, nonetheless, I am now even turning to holistic dentistry since removal of mercury fillings can be a dangerous process if not done properly and I have suffered in the past with said removal — symptoms were the same as just experienced with the tetanus shot. However, I must emphasize that I would not have known that vaccinations included mercury as preservatives had I not gone into the internet and looked up tetanus shots, in particular, this blog and message number 14 by Andrew.

    In any case, to get rid of these reactions a.s.a.p., I have been taking all sorts of natural products: greens+ daily detox which includes chlorella. Many vitamins– B,C,D,E, selenium plus calcium, plus a variety of tinctures by St. Francis, plus COQ10, fish oil and of course acidophilus. Yes, even feeling sick I sat on the internet, I also headed to the natural dispensaries (stores).

    I have been drinking lots and lots of natural juice. I have also been trying to stick to vegetables mainly broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts – the cruciferous veggies and am trying to stay away from animal products in my diet for now. Today is the 3rd day with these crappy reactions and although I feel much better and am coming out of it, it has not been easy and I know that it could have lasted much longer. I am trying to help my system as best as I can! One really needs to stay on one’s toe with conventional physicians, well with all practioners be it conventional or otherwise.

  39. Brooke / Dec 5 2007 8:33 pm

    Thanks so much for either not closing, or re-opening this blog. I searched for a couple of days to see if I was having a reaction to the shot, or if something else was amiss. I impaled my palm with some baling wire last Sunday night, and went and got a tetanus Monday afternoon. The shot was relatively painless, a bit of burning from the liquid going into my arm, but the injection wasn’t terrible at all. Tuesday early afternoon I felt a bit unwell. I felt flushed and achy (as if I had the flu). I went home and took my temperature and it was elevated and has remained such for much of today (Wednesday). I feel a bit nauseous and my body aches if I do too much, a bit difficult as my job is very physical. Got called out yesterday with our local VFD, and didn’t feel like participating. I developed a sore throat, but later attributed it to the smoke inhalation. I am hoping to improve in the next few days. Thanks again!!

  40. David / Dec 25 2007 5:15 am

    A month ago, a wild cat bit me and had a Tetanus shot. The acute pain in the arm and flu like symptoms that followed two days later did not bother me, even though this required me to take two days off work. What is alarming is now, a month later, have very occational dizzy spells and tiredness, and very short moments of not being able to concentrate or finnish a sentance.

  41. Tammy / Dec 26 2007 10:51 pm

    I had a tetanus booster shot a month ago. The first, my upper arm was very sore for a week. After that, it got swollen for a week. Then, from the elbow to finger tip got sensitive to touch and swelled up. I could not take my ring off. Three weeks later, both armpit area,the chest, and lower lip have a burning sensation. If anybody has this kind of reaction, please post your comment.

    Thank you.

  42. Terri / Dec 29 2007 9:52 pm

    My 18 year old son received a Tdap shot on August 14, 2007, which was required to start college. Within 24 hours he was covered in red bumps all over his chest and back. Four months later, and the bumps are beginning to disappear. The dermatologist said the bumps were not related, yet had no other explaination for the breakout. Even worse, his optic nerve has been damaged and he has lost his central vision. He had to drop out of college within 4 weeks. He can not drive, read, watch TV . . . His entire life is on hold as we seek treatment for this. We have been to specialist and had every blood test possible, plus MRI, cat scan, and a spinal tap. The doctors can not find anything wrong with him. All test come back normal. He played basketball in high school and has been very healthy, until getting this shot. They said his immune system has turned against his body and started attacking his optic nerve. They are calling this a form of optic neuropathy, which is caused from toxins in your body.

    Treatment began with 3 days of steriods by IV; we also did IgG treatments by IV. The doctors do not know what else to do. We are currently looking towards a natural approach to remove this vaccine from his system. If anyone has heard of anything like this, please contact me ASAP at 229-326-1467. We need a solution!

    Thank you for this blog!! – I have not been successful in finding data with Tetanus shot reactions for the new Tdap vaccine that was released in 2005. The doctors say what has happened to my son is very rare, but possible.

  43. april / Jan 1 2008 12:45 am

    Yes, thanks so much for leaving this blog running. I received a tetnus shot today and the injection site has become tender but that was to be expected. I have had diarrhea during the evening and although I only saw one other post with this symptom was wondering if anyone else experienced that?

    Honestly I have to say that I feel like kicking myself for not asking more questions on what reactions would be or could be. I am an advocate of vaccines but should not have walked into it not realizing fully what reactions could happen.

  44. Margaret / Jan 1 2008 6:38 am

    Thank you so much for this blog! My daughter (17) had a tetanus shot Thursday and today (Jan 1st-Happy New Year!) had to be taken to the ER. She started complaining of “shakes”. Her whole body was shaking. She said her muscles were getting tired and they hurt. She had no fever. I called the dr and he had no idea why she was this way. I told him my husband was taking her to the ER and he said good. I was starting to freak out (as all mothers do when their kids are sick) but now, after reading others experiences, I feel somewhat better. My daughter also has Crohn’s disease so any sickness she gets is so much more complicated than what most people get. This was the only place I could find the information I was looking for. All the other sites reported little to no side effects to the shot. I am so glad to read about real people. Thanks!

  45. Kate / Jan 12 2008 12:45 pm

    I had a tetanus/whooping cough shot two days ago. I expected to be sore from previous tetanus shots. I read the literature in the doctor’s office, but I guess I still didn’t expect the extent of chills, fever and swelling I experienced.

    I’m fine…everything’s returning to normal again. I suppose the thing to remember is that the shot contains weakened strands of the viruses themselves and your immune system might have to ‘kick it up a notch’ to fight them…?

    I’ll still get my shots as I should…and everyone else should, too.

  46. Carrie / Jan 15 2008 12:22 pm

    I had a tetanus/whooping cough shot last Thursday (1/10) after a dog bite on my hand. The site was fine until late Sunday when everything changed (I had been moving boxes that day). My arm is swollen, hot and completely hard. The swelling keeps moving down my arm and my hand is numb and tingles. I have very limited use of my hand I am running a slight fever and have a headache worse than I have had in years. The last Tetanus shot I had was when I went to college and that one caused me to faint. Is this normal? I can’t stretch my arm out either. I was reluctant about getting this shot because of the reaction I had last time, but knew dog bites are serious.

    Again, why does this particular vaccine cause so many problems?

  47. Dan Hertz / Jan 15 2008 3:27 pm

    I thought I would add a couple of comments regarding what people have been saying in terms of the comments they’ve been leaving here on my blog.
    First of all, to clear up any misconceptions there may be regarding tetanus: It is not something that you can be cured of by getting antibiotics. It is a toxin that tends to kill people in an extremely painful and drawn-out way, involving contorted muscle spasms (hence the name lock-jaw). And if you don’t die of it, it’s still horrifically painful. is a decent place to start reading about the seriousness of this.
    Deciding to not get a tetanus shot is most certainly a very very bad idea.

    As to why this particular vaccine causes so many problems, I don’t think it does. Keep in mind that this web page is one of the top hits that comes up if you do a web search for “tetanus shot reaction” or some variation of those search terms. This blog entry has become a clearing-house for people who have experienced any sort of problems as a result of getting this vaccine. Note that people have experience a huge variety of symptoms also varying in severity. And then remember that everyone should be getting this booster shot every ten years. That’s a lot of these shots going on all the time. You don’t need to have a very high rate of some type of allergic reaction in order for people to be reporting it at the level I’m seeing comments on my site here.

  48. Ruth Gilly / Jan 17 2008 3:12 pm

    I had a tentus shot this last saturday, because of my experience with this shot my doctor years ago told me to always have it given in 1/2 doses. My reaction to a full dose is soooooo bad. However with that said I now get 1/2 the dose wait a week and get the other half.. yahooo NO more side effects at all!!! same for my 3 kids…

  49. Theresa Tiernan / Jan 18 2008 9:53 pm

    I am so glad I’ve found this site. I had a tetanus shot two weeks ago tomorrow and I’ve been miserable. The first night wasn’t so bad. The next night, I was in horrible shape. I couldn’t lift my arm, had horrible back pain that I finally went to the dr. for four days later and asked for a pain shot in my back. Then I’ve had chest pain for the last week. Almost like a heart attack kind of pain, but stinging. This has been a nightmare and I haven’t tried to make a big deal of it, but I’m dieing. I am still in not great shape right now. I don’t think I’ll ever get that dumb shot ever again.

  50. Jenn / Jan 24 2008 1:53 pm

    I found this site while doing some searching, after my own ordeal with a coincidental (at best) adverse reaction to the DTaP. It may have been something else brewing, but the correlation of time of new daily symptoms is uncanny.

    I received the immunization in October 2007. The injection site grew a lump the size of a softball under my burning purple skin. My arm lay basically lifeless at my side. Each day I acquired new severe joint and muscle aches, spasms, headaches, flu-like symptoms, and my favorite part, the Erythema Nodosum red bumps with lumps the size of gumballs underneath my skin along bone and muscle lines and in the joints. There are days after all these months, when I need help to shower, brush my teeth, and most of the time I just eat finger foods that are easy to pincer grasp, since some days my hands are tingly and weak, and not working properly.

    A tons of physicians and specialists and emergency rooms and tests and labs, and aspirations, and scans, and almost 4 months later… I have to use a walker or ride in a wheelchair some days due to weakness and fatigue. The pain gets so bad that I actually move around as a person with CP would, and it is unconscious…everything hurts, and it feels good to move around, but it makes me very tired.

    Ive been ruled out for MS, rheumatoid arthritis, sarcoirodis, I am unable to taper off of prednisone which is the only thing that has worked to get me functioning again, but now I cannot wean down or my aching pains.

    If anyone has been battling for months with no diagnosis, rhyme or reason, possibly tetanus induced, PLEASE give a shout out on this board. Knowledge is power, and I am running into road blocks and dead ends.

    Good luck to you all. Thank you for the blog.

  51. Jay C / Jan 26 2008 4:17 pm

    I received a tetanus shot three weeks ago and have experienced swollen lymph nodes in my neck and tingling in my face. Has anyone else experienced swollen lymph nodes in the neck and did they go away eventually?

    Hope to here from someone!

    • fran geoghegan / Feb 20 2011 1:29 pm

      The same thing just happened to me. I received a tetanus shot after stepping on a nail, and 2 days later I noticed the glands around my neck were swollen and felt tight. It almost looks like I have mumps. My foot is much better, and the doctor put me on antibiotics, so I don’t think the swollen lymph nodes are due to infection. How long did the swelling last?

  52. Tracy Wilhelm / Feb 5 2008 7:52 pm

    I had a tetnus shot about a week ago and have had similar reactions.I went back to the doctor that gave me the shot and the tetnus shot reaction theory was never brought up.I felt dizzy and had heart paplpatations at bedtime, woke me up from my sleep.She gave me valium and told me it was probobly anxiety.I am feeling a lot better but still kind of foggy or light headed.Did anyone else out there feel dizzy?I also have a big red knot the size of a baseball on my arm.How long does this last.Thanks for this blog,I feel better knowing others had reactions and it’s all not in my head

  53. Karen Gale / Feb 10 2008 1:44 am

    I am glad I found this site. It is now 4 days since my tetenus and whooping cough shot and I finally have made the connection between the shot and how terrible I feel. I was fine for the first 24 hours. About 30 hours after the shot, I had 3 hours of the worse case of diarrhea that I have ever had. Since then I have been extremely tired, lightheaded, and have barely been off the sofa or bed. I have had chest and back pains as well. I thought I must have a bad case of the flu, but now I believe it is a reaction to the shot.

  54. Zee / Feb 15 2008 7:27 pm

    Got a tetanus shot on wednesday feb 13th at 4:30 pm in my right arm/shoulder, feb 14th at about 6pm started feeling weak, sick dizy, fever like conditionds, right arm started hurtin, feels bruised, right armpit lymph node is swollen and lump, you can see the difference when i raise my arm, its a little painful when i press down on it… i went to the gym regarless of everything, trying to force the fever out…

    feb 15th 7am skipped work, headache, thirty, tired, took 2 abvil tabs (200 mg each)

    feb 15th, 1pm feel much better, no more headache, but still tired, lymp node is still pretty swolen and a little painfull.

    thought i would share my reactions… i was a little worried earlier thinking that i got the flu or fever from someone else and that i would be sick for a few days…. but from similar reactions as you all, i see its just because of the vaccination….

    from my progress so far, i am guessing that by tomorrow i will feel much better, but dont expect all the symptoms to leave until sunday…

  55. SB / Feb 15 2008 9:06 pm

    In response to Jay’s comment above…

    I received a tetanus shot (and pertussis) 2 days ago (2/15/08), and just today developed hard, tender, and swollen lymph nodes in my neck, on the side where I got my injection. I was just wondering if yours resolved, and how long it took??

    Just an aside, I am a medical professional/provider, and I still struggled with finding information on complications of the immunization (even reading the vaccine insert!). I am glad that there are some people out there who have shared their information here. However, it is very well known that tetanus vaccines will leave you with a very tender “bump” and extremely sore arm and flu-like symptoms for several days (as is with most vaccinations). The benefits of this vaccine probably far outweigh the risks of not getting it but, that’s an individual choice.

    Jay, I hope you respond, and have gotten better!!

  56. Martha / Mar 7 2008 3:55 am

    Well, I think we can all agree that getting a tetanus shot sucks, but it’s better than getting tetanus. I got one yesterday because the nurse kindly reminded me that I was overdue (hurray!). My left arm was sore all yesterday and I felt sooo nauseous before going to bed. I was surprised to read that other people had vivid dreams as well. Today it’s more of a dull ache that spreads up and around to my upper back/neck….feeling exhausted as well.

  57. Mary / Mar 7 2008 4:11 am

    I just got a tetanus/whooping cough shot 4 days ago. The next day my entire arm was sore and I was extremely fatigued. This continued for the next 2 days with my entire body being sore, especially my back. I was still tired. Today is the 4th day, and my body aches are better, although my armpit on the side the shot was given is quite sore and a little swollen. I’m assuming there might be a lymph node reaction possibly in that area? I am beginning to feel like myself again. My arm is still mildly sore, though.

  58. Alicia / Mar 14 2008 1:23 pm

    I got a tenaus shot 2 days ago and my arm started hurting (where the injection was) a few hours later, felt flu-like symptoms yesterday (body aches, cold chills, etc, but no fever). I feel better today, a little tired. My arm still hurts and it hurts a little by my armpit but that’s about it. I’ve been feeling cold/flu symptoms slowly creeping up on me so I thought it was just from that but maybe it was a mix of the shot and the actual flu!

  59. bens / Mar 21 2008 9:45 am

    I was not terribly tired, per say, but I have had diarrhea for the past 3 days. I am taking augmentin (sp) as well, but the diarrhea started before that. Soreness is still there, but that is usually the case with any intramuscular shot.

  60. Lucinda / Mar 29 2008 9:16 am

    I received the tetanus shot yesterday evening as I have an infection in a cut on my finger. I’ve never had a reaction before but last night I had trouble sleeping, I had really bad acid reflux (which I almost never have), sore throat, chills, body aches, dizziness, fatigue, and my arm is sore at the injection site with pain that sometimes radiates to my elbow. I was feeling fine before the shot. I’m planning on calling my doctor on Monday to tell her about my reaction. I received the shot at urgent care.

  61. Maria / Mar 29 2008 10:20 pm

    I see the tetanus message board is still going strong. You should stick some google adsense on this page.

  62. Donna / Mar 30 2008 1:51 am

    Thanks for all the input…nice not to be all alone w/this. It’s the 8th day and arm still hot, swollen with a huge hard distorted knot inside, low gradetemp. A huge laceration on my lower leg w/23 stitches not healing so well either. On 2nd antibiotic, still have burning pain around a red outer wound site. Each day feel worse. Went back twice to doc but still not better. Guess the er again is next.

  63. Amanda / Apr 1 2008 11:01 pm

    I had a tetanus shot on Monday and today I feel like I have the flu, but no respiratory symptoms. My arm is aching and radiating pain into my shoulder and back. I have the chills, fatigue, bodyaches and I feel lightheaded and foggy. I also had what I believe was heartburn last night. I am a 19 year old vegan – I don’t get heartburn. I have a neckache and headache, I also believe my heart rate may be elevated. I don’t remember feeling this bad from vaccinations as a kid! I need to start my Spring term of school tomorrow – I certainly hope I feel mediocre at the least!

  64. Tina / Apr 9 2008 3:20 pm

    Tomorrow will be a week from the date I got my tetanus shot for an injury to my hand. The next day my entire arm hurt horribly and I couldn’t lift it. This lasted for 2-3 days. I also had the flu like symptoms-dizziness, fever, fatigue, extremely sore and achy muscles and joints (especially my neck, shoulders, and back), swollen lymph nodes, etc.
    Yesterday was the first day I started feeling some better but today those symptoms are back with a vengeance. My neck is and back are killing me, my throat is sore and swollen, I’m really dizzy, and have no energy.
    It’ll be a week tomorrow since I had the shot and I’m worried if/when these horrible symptoms will go away!
    Doesn’t seem like most people have them for this long…
    Thank you for leaving this open btw-it’s been very helpful! :)

  65. Pri / Apr 10 2008 9:36 pm

    This is really useful. I had my tetanus shot yesterday. My husband went away the same day and I’m feeling like crap. Some hours after the shot I started feeling sore throat which has become worse today. Took some tylenol to make the pain go away but its not working. I still have no idea whether this severe sore throat (without cough) is because of the shot or an actual flu. Lets see how it goes tomorrow!

  66. Vivian Tracy / Apr 14 2008 8:42 pm

    I had a tetanus shot on Wed. 4/09/08 at a Health Dept. My arm the next day had a rash and was red, swollen and feverish. It was blotchy. I had pain in my right breast and underarm and the underarm and breast were swollen. Now, April 14, I called my Doctor and he has me on Cipro. It is still broken out, blotchy and swollen and painful. I don’t know if I want one again.

  67. Yvette / Apr 20 2008 6:14 am

    I am thankful to have found your site. On 1pm on Thursday afternoon I too received the tetanus shot after badly slicing my thumb on a food processor blade. The blade was almost new and quite clean but I accpeted the tetanus shot at the hospital beacuse I could not remember when I had my last booster. That evening I started feeling discomfort and for the past 2 days I’ve had a 101 fever and the area and the lymph nodes in my armpit have been very swollen. I’ve been in serious pain. Pain that wakes me up in the middle of the night. It feels as if I’ve been sucker punched in the arm . I cannot lift my arm and it is affecting my interaction with my young daughter. I feel foolish that I accepted this vaccine but I have NEVER experienced an adverse reaction to any shot in my life. This was a huge mistake. I am going to call the hospital to get the lot number of the vaccine. I hope that these symptoms will soon go away.

    Thank you again for this thread of posts.

  68. angela / Apr 23 2008 9:55 am

    Two days after my tetanus shot, a lymph node on my collarbone became enlarged and sore. After surfing the net, I’ve read where some others have experienced this as well. If anyone is still reading this post, please let me know how long your symptoms lasted. Thanks.

    • dex / Mar 16 2010 3:44 am

      I know this was posted 2 years ago but I am experiencing this right now its been 12 days since a lymph node swelled on my collar bone although it is reducing in size I can’t help but be paranoid about it. it has affected my sleep and life already

  69. Patty / Apr 27 2008 9:43 am

    I received my 10 year tetanus booster shot on March 13th. Since that day my shoulder has been very painful. This pain is effecting my sleep, making it difficult to exercize and work. I thought as time pasted it would get better but no such luck. My question is; has anyone had this issue and how long did it last or what people have done to control the pain?

    • Denise / May 21 2009 2:41 am

      I had the same thing…sore arm, painful to swallow and now my shoulder kills me…my shot was back on March 6. I cannot turn my head towards the arm that got the shot. This is my 3rd bout with recurring shoulder neck pain since March.

  70. Amy / May 2 2008 5:09 pm

    Thanks to all the posts. I am so glad I found this site. I was really starting to worry about my reaction to the TDaP injection. On Saturday I stepped on a dirty rusty nail from the compost pile. Anyway went and had the shot on Tuesday. Everything was fine on Tuesday with the exception of some discomfort in my arm. By Wednesday I couldn’t keep my eyes open every muscle and bone in my body ached. I had a fever of 102.2 so loaded up on ibuprophen and Tylenol and went to bed. Thursday woke up with a painful, swollen red, hot arm and pain in my armpit. Today is Friday and overall I am sarting to feel a bit better but my arm is still hot and red and my armpit is burning. Hopefully this will all go away soon. I am very releived to see all the posts here and see that I am not alone. I have searched and searched but this has been the most informative. Thank you

  71. Cheryl / May 10 2008 5:48 pm

    I am a dog groomer and got bit by a unwilling Scottie on Weds. My helper encouraged me to get a tetanus shot but I dredded it as I hate needles. I don’t think I have received a shot since my last daughter was born over 24 years ago so I was well overdue for this vaccine. I got the shot Thurs. afternoon–was not near as bad as I had thought. My arm was a little sore but now Saturday afternoon I feel like I am getting the flu. I though oh my god I am getting tetanus so I found this site and it has reassured me that this is somewhat normal. Getting tetanus is deadly. I can stand a few days of achiness. However the health department never mentioned thimerasol which I found I was allergic to from using eyedrops for contac lens that contained it so maybe that is why I am starting to feel so bad.

  72. angela / May 12 2008 12:07 pm

    My arm pain has increased gradually since I had the tetanus shot. It has affected my sleep, and my daily life as well. I am going for an ultrasound tomorrow b/c my dr. said she has never heard of a tetanus shot causing these symptoms. I’m hoping she is wrong, and the pain and cyst will just go away with time. She does have me worried, and the lack of sleep isn’t helping. Thanks for continuing these posts.

  73. Lynn / May 18 2008 4:00 pm

    I got the tetanus vaccine with whopping cough on friday. Saturday afternoon my arm became sore and a lump appeared over my left collar bone it is about the size of a marble and very sore it can be moved above or below the collar bone. Does this sound like what you have angela? I would be curious to know how your ultrasound turns out. I believe this lump is a lymph node and hopefully it will go away soon if not im going to the doctors.

  74. angela / May 19 2008 11:33 am

    Ultrasound and ct scan were normal. Follow up with surgeon as a precaution, but looks like everything is ok. :)

  75. Brandon / May 23 2008 2:57 pm

    Hi. I got a tetanus shot 3 days ago. The first night I woke up in pain and couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t raise my arm. The pain had gone into the joint of my left shoulder. It was the same the next night. Today it still hurts just as bad and I really can’t use my left are for much at all. Ibuprofen seems to help, as well as ice. The crazy thing is that I asked my (new) doctor if the shot would make me sore (since my last one 20 years before made my shoulder muscle sore) and he said “No, it shouldn’t”. When the nurse gave me the shot, without asking her, she told me it would make my arm sore and to just take Tylenol if it was bad. I guess that’s another subject about Doctors, for another blog… I’ll post when my pain finally subsides.

  76. Kelli / May 24 2008 8:14 am

    I had a Tetnis shot on Thursday around noon. I knew my arm would hurt as the nurse also reminded me when i was leaving. I never imagined having flu like symtoms, I have felt sick to my stomach since Thursday night this comes and goes but feeling very achy as well. I am glad to know that there are other people with the same symptoms.makes me feel a little better that i am not the only one today is saturday so hopefully I will start to feel better by the end of today.

  77. Lynn / May 24 2008 6:40 pm

    All my pain has gone away from the shot 8 days later. the lymph node is still there but has shrunk, im hoping it will keep shrinking each day. I hope all goes well with the surgeon angela.

  78. Fred / May 28 2008 7:18 pm

    Like many vaccines, symptoms vary from person to person. Sometimes no side effects, sometimes extreme. In my case, I would rank tetanus shot, right up there with food poisoning or a bad flu. Delirium, extreme fatigue, body aches, etc. It pretty much sucked. I am not whining about it, I don’t really give a shit. It sucked and now I am better. I think anyone who commented above about people on the blog being whiners should realize that it isnt about whining. I had no idea tetanus shots could cause this sort of reaction. After I got sick as a dog following a cut to my hand, I wanted to see if maybe it was the shot causing it. Turns out, it probably was.

    Anyway – no big deal. If you are one of the unlucky ones, the shot sucks. If you have no side effects, good for you. Either way, this is a useful blog for people who recently had the shot and want to know why they are wrecked for 2-3 days.

  79. st. kelsie j. / May 28 2008 11:45 pm

    wow. I was just wondering if all of my symptoms could be at all related to the tetanus shot I got 4 days ago. I’m glad, sort of, that I’m not the only one with ridiculous side effects to a seemingly normal vaccine. I don’t recall having reactions like this with my last shot.

  80. deb / May 31 2008 7:23 am

    I have a sore throat and now this morning i lost my voice and i am feeling very tired. could this be from the tetanus shot i got two days ago?

  81. christa / Jun 1 2008 6:52 am

    I Received a tetanus shot on Thurs.
    was fine, then began having pain at the site, warm to the touch and very
    tired. Also experiencing N/T in my
    fingers. Thought I might be just crazy, but realize now (thanks to this blog) I had a reaction. It’s
    Sun. and I am hoping my arm and my
    fatigue go away. I wish I had been
    explained some possible side effects!

  82. Cathy / Jun 3 2008 6:02 pm

    I had a tetanus shot on May 30, 2007, I have been very sick ever since. I have been at the doctor and in and out of the hospital with some of the oddest things I have ever felt. I had an immediate reaction also, but I have had a slow onset reaction of various different things. I am 30 year old mother of 3 young chidlren, and was completely health b4 shot. I now have LGL syndrome (electrical misfire in heart, costochondritis, anxiety (new), joint pain, weakness and wasting in muscles, loss of feeling in left hand and leg, severe headaches and fatigue and vision disturbances. I also have trouble focusing and remembering things now. I have trouble finding words. I was finally told (diagnosed) with an exaggerated immunological and system reaction to the tdap shot. I knew it, but not one specialist knows what to do for me. Its really depressing.

  83. Joan / Jun 3 2008 7:26 pm

    I was very happy to find this website after I started having all these unusual symptoms after my tetanus shot. I was worried I would have to go back to the doctor, yet it was a weekend and I thought I would end up in emergency! I had my tetanus shot on a Friday at 9:00 AM. That evening I could not sleep from the pain — even after taking Advil. The pain was absolutely horrible. By Saturday morning, I felt like I had a full-blown flu. I was achy and tired and it was impossible to function that day. I took a nap and did not feel any better afterwards. That night when I got in bed, I had the worse night sweats ever. My midnight my entire body was drenched from sweat. Sunday morning I woke up and felt 75% better, so I was relieved. But by Sunday evening I started feeling weak and achy again. The night sweats came back but were on the milder side, thank goodness. I was getting very scared at this point that these symptoms were starting all over again. My Monday morning, I was back to normal. Not one single symptom from the weekend. I have never had this reaction from Tetanus and I will never have this shot again!!!

  84. Cy Yost / Jun 5 2008 4:14 pm

    I was bitten by a friends dog on June 1st and went to my doc on June 2nd and they gave me a tetanus shot. I was a little off on tuesday the 3rd with my shoulder being very sore which I was told to expect. The Wednesday the 4th my head was really killing me, and I had a low fever and sore throat, and light-headedness. Today the 5th I took the day off from work. Hope to feel better soon.

  85. Barbara / Jun 7 2008 12:57 pm

    Ok I only had mild flu symptoms for 1 day, but here’s my problem it’s been 2 weeks now and my arm still hurts. It hurts super bad at night and for the first few hours of the day. Anyone have this same problem???

  86. angela / Jun 10 2008 2:02 pm

    I’m glad I found this website, it helped me diagnose what the doctors couldn’t. Surgeon said lymph node was probably a reaction to tetanus (which gp said she had never heard of), and he will evaluate in 6 weeks. Hope everyone starts feeling better soon!

  87. Brandon / Jun 10 2008 7:41 pm

    Hi. Regarding post 75, It’s now been exactly 3 weeks from the day I received my tetanus shot. The pain is now mostly gone, but not completely. I can’t move my arm too quickly or sometimes it will cause a sharp pain. My range of motion is back to about 95%.

    Anyways, just wanted to give people out there an idea of how long it can take to get over this. I probably improved about 4% better each day, but the important thing I did was to massage my arm and keep trying to move it. Once I began doing this, it seemed to get better faster. Make no mistake though, it was BAD!

    A side note is that after I called the doctor’s office to complain (4 days after the shot) and spoke to a nurse, telling her it felt like it was in my joint, she said “No, it’s not”. Amazing since even my wife could here my shoulder popping as I moved it on various occasions. I also, saw on another site that how the shot is given can make a difference. Mine was given on my upper arm, VERY close to my shoulder bone (at the top), not lower and in the heart of my muscle…

  88. Rhiannon / Jun 13 2008 12:41 am

    okay, so i’m not crazy or dying. i got my tetanus/dypth/whooping cough shot on tuesday and woke up weds with a terrible pain above my collarbone, almost like a seperated it or pulled a muscle. i noticed it was very swollen (i never even knew there were lymph nodes that low!) and yesterday it continued to swell up the left side of my neck. my arm is a little sore from the shot, but nothing more than normal (as i’ve now gotten, TDaP, Meningitis, yellow fever, hep A, and MMR for my trip). but the neck pain is litterally a pain in my neck! i hope the swelling goes down soon, and that i don’t continue to get sick as i’m in africa next week. it is comforting to know that this has happened to other people though.

  89. debster / Jun 13 2008 7:19 pm

    My son had a tetanus shot on Monday. He had a sore throat on Thursday. On Friday he had a painful and swollen axiallary lymph node on the same side he had his shot. Doctor didn’t think it was from the shot, but I think it is.

  90. Mary / Jun 19 2008 9:27 pm

    I also had a tetanus shot today as a routine booster. As I had not had a bad reaction before, I didn’t expect any. But within 2 hours, I was getting a bad headache and eyeache. Then I got stomach problems – throwing up and not keeping food down. Also just all around feeling awful. I did have some different dreams as people have mentioned, not disoriented just new dreams. But I woke up feeling fine (10 or 11 hours after the shot) and ate something without problems and can pretty much function again. I have had no swelling or pain at the shot site. I am glad I had the shot but I would have rather skipped the reactions. Thanks for the site so I could verify that the shot was the cause of the illness.

  91. Sil / Jun 20 2008 6:33 pm

    2 days ago I had the shot. All day, nothing – then the next day some swelling started with no pain. This evening it is extremely swollen and I have abdominal cramping and I feel shaky and am very pale with bloodshot eyes. I would not call the arm pain extreme (I have had neurological arm pain that is worse), but very sore. I feel like I have the flu.

  92. Valerie Sedcieski / Jun 23 2008 3:11 pm

    I had a tetanus shot on June 13th, 2008 and it’s now June 23rd and I still feel very poorly. My headaches, neck pain, muscle pain and balance are the worst part. My vision is a bit off and I’m not really sure if it’s getting better of worse. My daughter and I own a handmade jewelry business and I am fortunate to be able to take care of myself at home while she runs the business. I have chronic lyme disease and although I have not taken any meds for a few years now I read that if you have an autoimmune disease you should not get a tetanus shot. I’m running a slight fever and pray that I get better soon. I hope the worst is over and I can get on with my life in a few days.

  93. Ellen / Jun 30 2008 6:34 pm

    Thank you for all the information. I got a tetanus shot after a finger laceration on last Friday evening. Sunday, I had terrible flu symptoms as well as a hot, red “baseball” at the shot location. When I woke up Monday I was 100% (except the shot location). With such a sudden and total improvement, it made me wonder if how I felt Sunday could have been a reaction to the shot. I Googled Tetanus shot reactions, found your site and all the input. I’ve had several tetanus shots over my lifetime and never before a reaction. Thanks again for your input.

  94. Lisa / Jul 2 2008 12:48 pm

    I had the “shot” this past Friday, June 27, 2008… is now 5 days later and I still feel miserable. Fever, pain, dizziness, chills and no energy. I am leaving work to re-visit my doctor because the swelling has not changed at all and I have discovered I am developing hives. I am angry because I think these possible reactions should have been EXPLAINED to me. I have felt nervous and frightened for days and it could have been avoided with more up front information.
    Here’s to looking forward to the end of this nightmare.

  95. Denise / Jul 5 2008 7:00 pm

    Cut my hand at work and went to the ER where they gave me a tetanus shot. That was on Thursday night. Immediately after the shot I got a headache. Friday during the day I started to feel body aches and had trouble sleeping. Saturday (today) I had some diarrhea, loss of appetite and the body aches are much stronger with a lot of joint pain and quite a swollen ball at the site of the injection. Uh. I hope this gets better. Next time I’m going to bypass the vaccinations. Especially considering that they cleansed the laceration well and within a few hours of the incident. Uh. I’m going back to bed.

  96. Shannon Dyer / Jul 7 2008 1:42 pm

    As I’m reading through everyone’s comments I’m thinking, do doctors ever read this stuff or do they just put their heads in the sand? Obviously reactions (even severe) to tetanus shots is common. Being the 96th post, I would consider this common. I’m also wondering something else….I’ve had this booster before and I have NEVER had a severe reaction like I’m experiencing now, and given all the posts about tetanus booster reactions, I wonder if something has changed with the current “batch” of vaccination that is available, ie, is it stronger, is the method of delivery different????? Something seems to have changed over the years.

    I have never had a reaction like what I have now, which is much the same as some of the previous descriptions. Since, last Thursday, July 3, my arm is swollen the size of a softball at the injection site, red, painful and I’ve had body aches (muscles and joints) and extreme tiredness since the shot. I already experience frequent migraine headaches, so I couldn’t really include that as one of my symptoms, but the others are very real, and very painful. I really hope that I don’t have another three to four weeks of body aches and lethargy. If this turns out to be the case, then I don’t think I will want to get another tetanus shot as long as I live.

  97. Kimberly / Jul 9 2008 9:26 am

    I had the Tetnus shot on the 4th of July. I cut my foot. I was told I would have soreness around the injection site. On Monday the 7th, I developed a cold, sore throat and the chills. My arm was also swollen, red and “hot” around the injection site. I went back to the after hours clinic and was told it was “normal”. Today is Wednesday, the 9th and I still feel horrible! I would not recommend this injection unless you have at least a weeks worth of sick time!

  98. Michelle / Jul 10 2008 10:03 am

    I just had the vaccine two days ago. The arm where I had the shot was very sore the next day, and I felt extremely tired. Today, I am still tired; but my arm feels much better.

  99. Sheila / Jul 11 2008 2:52 am

    I had a tetanus booster yesterday and I had the weirdest reaction. After I received it my back muscle felt like it was seizing up on me. I told the nurse and she said that was normal. Then I started getting really hot and dizzy and felt like I would pass out. I was also feeling a little disoriented. Later that day I had a splitting headache and my arm is sore but the whole hot and dizzy thing really scared me. I hope it was just then and doesn’t come back to haunt me. I didn’t like that feeling one bit.

  100. lm / Jul 14 2008 6:40 pm

    Add me to the list of unhappy tetanus shot recipients. Thankfully the nurse gave me the shot in my left, non-dominant arm. I was bitten by a spider and had an alergic reaction. I went to the dr. and he insisted that I needed a tetanus shot. I thought no problem. I remembered getting one as a kid, and thought I could handle it better now. Well, my arm has been swollen and very painful for the past 5 days. With each passing day, I keep thinking that this day will be the day that it will finally go away. But it’s still there!!! I also felt dizzy, and now wonder if this is related. I will be checking with the dr. to see what’s up. Next time, I will be asking a few more questions before my HMO dr. says you need it, and runs out of the room.

    This sucks!

  101. Revae / Jul 15 2008 1:54 am

    I got my tetanus shot July 11th and found the pain increased the second and third day but today it reduced slightly and the pain is now accompanied by a minor itch. Luckily I did not have many flu like symptoms, my fever went up very slightly to 99.9 at its highest and I experienced some minor anxiety. The injection site grew to the size of a half dollar and was warm to the touch and my entire arm still feels like I pulled a muscle. I still have some of the anxiety but the improvement has been drastic. Thanks for reopening this to more posts and I while my reaction wasn’t nearly as bad as others, I still whole heartedly agree that vaccines are much better than the full disease. Hopefully the swelling and pain will continue to improve.

  102. Dawn / Jul 15 2008 2:13 am

    I was bitten by some type of insect or spider and 3 days later my arm looked like a baseball. Swollen, red, itching, it was so uncomfortable. I thought it might be infected so I left work early to try and see my usual physician but she was too busy. I went to a urgent care walk in clinic where the doctor prescribed antibiotics and cream. Then she asked me when I had my last tetanus shot and I hadn’t had one for years, couldn’t even remember when. She proceeded to give me one, but then told me it had nothing to do with the bite. I just needed one for safely reasons, cause most adults don’t want them, but need them. Now I am so unset, within 3 hours I began to feel an anxiety feeling in my chest something like drinking 50 cups of coffee. I cannot sleep and I believe this is some type of allergic reaction. The bite reaction is barely bothering me compared to this. I am considering a trip to the emergency room this is so horrible. I wish I never had the shot. I didn’t even hurt myself or cut myself on a rusty nail. I still can’t figure out why she insisted on giving me this tetanus vaccine. I’m sick to my stomach over it. I won’t be able to go to work tomorrow and maybe the following day. This is one of the worst feeling I’ve ever experienced in my life. I wonder how long it will last. Also, I can barely move my arm like the others who posted the same. Lifting it up is nearly impossible. I’m 50 years old. Is this worth it??? I think not.

  103. Dan Hertz / Jul 15 2008 9:45 am

    I feel the need to point out a couple of things, once again (seeing as this is my blog and I feel somewhat responsible for what is posted here).

    Any reactions that people may be having here are indeed rare. A hundred people over the course of two years, out of the millions and millions receiving the vaccine is not a large number at all. I do not believe that there are proportionately more reactions to the vaccine than there used to be, but the fact that you can now find the combined reactions of everyone may make it seem like there are.

    Secondly, people who are actually thinking that it might be better to not get a tetanus shot because of the risk of side effects are apparently unaware of what tetanus is. Lockjaw, as it is also known, is a deadly toxin that causes severe muscle cramps, generally leading to incredibly painful contortions of the body into awkward positions and ultimately death. It is not treatable with antibiotics, but a simple vaccination (given shortly after birth) along with boosters every ten years can protect against it. Are people actually suggesting that avoiding the risk of side effects is better than the danger of tetanus? Remember please that I have suffered some of these and therefore know of what I speak.

    I am happy to leave this open for comments so that people can gain comfort knowing that other people have had similar sorts of experiences and come through it alright. But the purpose of this is not to create a frenzy or hysteria, and certainly not to encourage people to not get vaccinated against tetanus.

  104. Saundra Kielborn / Jul 17 2008 9:37 pm

    Dan – I suffer from chronic general anxiety/panic disorder and OCD (lots of fun!) Your blog has allowed me to finally quit obsessing with why my TD shot was so traumatic physically and most important, emotionally. I spent hours researching why I had such a severe reaction and finally found your blog. I hope you can appreciate the positive impact it has had on my life – thanks!!!!!!

  105. Vicky / Jul 18 2008 4:31 am

    Hi there:
    I was cut with something that had rust on it. I got a tetanus shot right afterwards just in case. Is it a solution to tetanus? Or is it only to PREVENT tetanus? I have weak calf muscles and my doctor says it’s psychological. But, I would like to be sure as tetanus sounds like a horrible disease to have!
    Please let me know. Thanks!

  106. jillian lennit / Jul 19 2008 12:02 pm

    I work in a health facility and had tetanus shot approximately 3 months ago. My upper arm is still sore. It feels like a deep down arthritis / rheumatism pain. It does wake me up in the middle of the night if I try to sleep on that side. After talking to some of my coworkers (who also received the shot), I concluded that approximately 10% of people who received the shot have been experiencing pain at the injection site similar to mine. Never again, it is poison

  107. Kimberly Cunningham / Jul 21 2008 2:59 pm

    Today is July 21st and I have finally feel good! I am no longer in pain and I am not “flu like” anymore. I did go and see my Physician. She said that I may have already been getting sick and that is why it affected me so badly. Would I get the shot again, probably so!

  108. jessica c / Jul 26 2008 1:01 pm

    i got the shot today, and it feels very sore. my arm is very sore. i go to maine for vacation in 2 days, and i really hope that my arm gets better. it is so sore and i really don’t like it. i dont see any flu signs yet.

  109. Viviane V / Aug 3 2008 7:03 pm

    So glad I found this website. I was beginning to think that I was being a baby about this.
    I had a tetanus shot last Wednesday. That night I had minor soreness and the area around the injection site was red. By Thursday, the redness had spread into a large oval shape. My upper arm is very tender and hot to the touch. My doctor told me to take tylenol and to apply ice to the site. I hope this clears up soon. My son is getting married at the end of the month.
    I remember having this shot years ago and didn’t have a reaction to it like this. I tend to agree with one of the prior posts, that the vaccine may have changed over the years.
    I certainly would be nice if the health care facility told me of the potential side effects.
    I understand that the alternative would be lock jaw. The thought of that is jsut awful.

  110. brit / Aug 9 2008 12:15 am

    I received a tetanus shot yesterday.My only reaction today is a red knot on my arm where I had gotten the shot. It is also a little itchy and kind of bumpy. Anyway, thought I’d share…..

  111. Martha M / Aug 9 2008 7:17 am

    Wow! I’m so glad I found this blog. I was panicing after a painful lymphnode appeared just above my collar bone. It is on the same side that I got my tetnas shot 2 days ago. I’ve been extremely tired and my arm feels like I pulled every muscle in it. It has improved each day, and I suspect that it has everything to do with this vaccine. Thanks to a previous post, I’m not too concerned about the lymphnode(although it is VERY painful). In 10yrs I’ll be getting another shot….I hope it’s not worse then, but I would much rather deal with this than actual tetnus.

  112. Nan C. / Aug 10 2008 8:57 pm

    Hello to all,

    Thanks to Dan and to all who have written. I’m SO glad I found this site! I had a TDAP 5 days ago and a few hours later started feeling nauseous and like I had the flu, with pain in my arm. The nausea and flu-like symptoms have mostly subsided, but my arm still hurts a lot. I thought maybe I had injured my shoulder, but now I know from reading everyone’s comments that it’s the reaction to the vaccine.

  113. Eric / Aug 11 2008 12:22 am

    This thread has been very helpful. I got my shot on Tuesday (25 year old booster) around 3 PM. After I went to the gym and lifted weights and played basketball for a couple hours. Went to dinner and a movie and went to bed at around 1 am with absolutely no symptoms. I woke up on Sat with a red dot on the injection site and my shoulder locked up completely. It was like a cramp that wouldn’t go away. I dealt with it but it only got worse. Spread to my bicep, tricep, underarm and pectoral were the same way by lunch time. Now its early monday morning and while it is a ton better I’m still pretty sore. Feels like I threw a thousand pitches yesterday and there is still a red dot and what feels like a nail inside my shoulder.

    I’m sorry a lot of you had it worse than me and I thank you for sharing your stories here because my doctor didn’t say anything about any kind of reaction and I didn’t want to go to the emergency room over it.

  114. jen b / Aug 12 2008 10:39 pm

    Omg this website is so helpful im so glad to hear other people with the same symptoms. My daughter had the vaccination 30th of July 2008, she had the tetanus booster, she’s in year nine, A few days after she came down with flu like symptoms, Sore throat, headache, weakness, feeling tired, sore joints, nausea, and sore arm. As the days went on she couldn’t get out of bed, not being able to sleep. So after the third day I took her to the doctors and she put it down as a virus. It’s now the eighth day and she’s starting to pick up but still lethargic and sore joints. She’s had viruses before, lasting three days the max so I knew it wasn’t a virus thanks for the information.

  115. Joan / Aug 12 2008 11:47 pm

    Dan, I’m not sure I agree with you. It took me quite some time to find this website and perhaps many people that have had similar reactions are not using the internet or finding this site. I have had tetanus shots all my life and have never, ever had a reaction like this. I do believe they have changed something in the booster. The pain has always been the same — severe. But the flu symptoms and night sweats is not normal.

  116. Lauren W. / Aug 18 2008 7:24 am

    Went for checkup on Friday morning, Dr. recommended that I get a tetanaus shot. By Friday afternoon, I began to have persistent diarrhea. On Saturday, I felt major flu like symptoms: Fever/chills, weak, although no respiratory effects, whole body sore, lower back pain more pronounced. Diarrhea continued in a major way, had stomach cramps & discomfort, continued to feel weak. Nauseated constantly but never vomited. Stomach gurgling, distended and hard, still having persistent diarrhea and feeling nauseated Monday. I still don’t feel that much better yet either. Shot in arm looks fine, never hurt, never swelled, no indication that there would be any problem at all.

    All in all, I’ve had Tetanus shots my whole life & never experienced this type of reaction so I’m pretty suspect of them now. I’m highly concerned that 1. I did not know that this shot contains mercury & 2. That they may have given me a combination shot & did not tell me.

    Thank you for keeping this site open for comments. I was really surprised to have had this reaction, but it’s of benefit to see that others have also had similar issues. I’m notifying my Dr. today about this & my new approach to any treatment (unless I’m dying) is going to be research first, then treatment.

  117. Mel / Aug 19 2008 4:56 pm

    One crazy shot! Eric – I had the same shoulder cramping, etc. I am one tough wench, and nothing gets me down. But this shot is making me want to chew off my own arm! I got the shot 4 days ago after a painting fell off the wall onto my leg. Everyday this arm is redder, bigger and more painful. They glued together the flaps of skin on my leg and there is no infection, but I have fever. I’m taking Clindimyacin because the doc was afraid of staph or strep. At recheck he looked at my arm and said…”just watch it”. Watch it do what?? Explode?
    However, our symptoms are tolerable compared to what could happen if we didn’t get the shot. Thanks, Dan! I’ll let you all know if the arm blows.

  118. Dyan M / Aug 21 2008 8:41 am

    I feel so bad for Dan H who didn’t want his blog to become this, but it just appears to have surged out of control! And now I will be guilty of adding to it. But, if it makes you feel any better Dan… this really is super-helpful! Brandon’s comments were the most meaningful to me.

    I got my tetanus shot one week ago and my arm still shows the big puncture where the needle went in and my husband commented “Oh, my gosh!” last night when he saw how swollen my arm is. I wanted to see if anyone had had this soreness and swelling to last over a couple of days. Brandon says above that it has taken three weeks for his to go down, so that will probably be what happens to me.

    I never got the flu symptoms, but man they sound awful!

    Good luck everyone! Thanks, Dan!


  119. Kimberly (VA Beach, VA) / Aug 22 2008 8:56 pm

    Dan – thanks for the reminders on the importance of vaccines, but with the age of computers it is great that your site has been able to share the bad side affects from the shot. I have been dealing with all the pain and listlessness, fatigue, headache, stinging, itching, and red hot swollen lump on my upper arm for three days now… after reading all the other possible far end of the spectrum possible reactions – mine seems minimal. I am hoping with the warm moist compresses and the anti-inflammatory (800mg motrin) it will subside in a few days and that I will feel back to normal. I had big plans in my yard landscaping tomorrow, but I already know it is not possible this weekend. I was glad to find your blog and now I know I am not alone – was actually looking for a treatment other than what I was told to do above. Guess this is just a wait and see, but I sure hope I do not suffer for months like some of these people or that I have more to come in the next few days overall in the way I feel.
    I am torn on the pro tetanus – no tetanus shot issue – cause this sure hurts worse than the original injury did and has lasted longer. The chance of getting the tetanus disease is smaller than the chance of really bad side affects that can be long term.

    The comment previously posted about ADD and ADHD children these days makes sense. There were not kids bouncing off walls like there are today and maybe the MMR had something to do with it.

  120. Dean / Aug 23 2008 10:25 am

    Interesting blog entry, and reactions. I just received a Tetanus shot yesterday, and within an hour had severe flu-like symptoms. Still have them this morning – hopefully the aspirin will have helped any fever-related issues, and the reaction will subside shortly.

    What I find most interesting is the few “It didn’t affect me badly, so the rest of you are wusses – stop whining” reactions. After searching for similar symptoms on the web, it turns out that this is exactly the reaction most doctors and nurses give, and therefore these types of symptoms are not well documented. If you don’t record the results, then they didn’t occur. I don’t think this is a conspiracy of any kind, just human nature to discount or disregard uncommon experiences. Most humans seem to have a very low level of empathy, and an extremely high level of self-absorption.

    Sorry to say this Dan, but even your initial “hey, this was supposed to be about me, not about anyone else having the same problem” is indicative of this. Happy to see you opened up – it does help, I believe, because this seems to be one of the few places where people can actually record their reactions – seeing as the nurses and doctors appear unwilling to do so. It could end up being a very valuable resource for those who might want to investigate how widespread the phenomenon is, and whether a change in how we administer vaccines is in order.

    There is never anything wrong with collecting, and recording, data.

  121. Linda / Aug 23 2008 9:41 pm

    Well I must say that I too am happy I found this site. I had my tetnus as part of my physical to enter the Nursing program on Wednesday. The next day I woke up feeling kind of sleepy, as if I had a rough nights sleep. By 10:00 am I started feeling achy, it was all downhill from there I slept all day, I woke up with a horrible headache and then I developed a fever. I also had the severe pain in my arm.

    I remember having this vaccine as a child and as a young adult but, never had this type of a reaction. It’s not uncommon to have tenderness and stiffnes at the injection site but this is painful. I couldn’t find any information about this type of side effects until now. It has been two days since I had the vaccine and I still do not feel like myself. I hope tomorrow will be better.

    Thanks so much for all the comments. It helps to know you I’m not the only one

  122. marlys / Aug 25 2008 5:14 pm

    My daughter had a tetanus shot 2 wks. ago & her the upper part of her arm by her shoulder is still hurting really bad. She went back to the doctor this morning who just said he hadn’t seen anybody have pain for this long & gave her a Rx for a stronger inflammatory drug. More drugs to the rescue!! That is the only thing that doctors know about.

  123. Maura / Aug 28 2008 1:07 am

    I am also quite glad I found your site, Dan. It has been helpful to know the reactions that people have experienced. I received a routine TDAP just over a week ago while seeing the doctor for a bad muscle spasm. Since I was already hurting and she was giving me a muscle relaxant, I figured I’d get the shot out of the way and be miserable all at once instead of twice. :-)

    I’ve had a lump the size of a silver dollar at the injection site for a week now, but it’s no longer hot. Learning that this is a common reaction is reassuring. Any other effects I may have felt were probably masked my the muscle relaxant, which knocked me out for two days. It’s discomfiting to know there can be severe reactions but I absolutely agree that it is an ounce of prevention that is definitely worth it.

  124. Di (Diana) / Aug 31 2008 6:06 am

    We are all in the same boat, in life and certainly when it comes to tetanus shots: everyone has a slightly different reaction (or lack of one) but assumes their experience is THE experience! And how amazing to come across this nice friendly site just when I needed it … my own “booster” last Monday, 7 days ago, as part of my “Welcome to Medicare” physical, didn’t bother me at all at first – the “lifetime” pneumonia shot I got in my other arm hurt more the morning after. But starting 2 days ago – lucky me, no ‘flu-like symptons – my ARM has a huge hard painful lump. Thanks to you guys I know to take an anti inflammatory, and I am just going to go and do that. I would still rather have the shot than tetanus (I do a lot of work in my garden and tetanus comes from SOIL, not the famous rusty nail) but I wish the people at the doctor’s office just this once had remembered that what is same old same old for them is (I do hope!) unique for me, unexpected and unknown. Thanks everyone and please do get your shots and please stay away from elective surgery :-)

  125. Mike / Sep 3 2008 12:01 am

    I received a tetanus shot 5 weeks ago in my left arm at my doctor’s urging as a precautionary measure (even though I had had one a few years ago and told him about 3 times that I didn’t want the shot). And wow, do I regret that I received the vaccination. This tetanus shot has caused continuous numbness throughout my body (especially acute in the left arm), limited my range of motion close to the injection site, and causes severe pain doing simple tasks with my left arm (e.g., I still can’t take off or put on a t-shirt without pain). Needless to say, I haven’t been able to go to the gym or play tennis. In fact, my shoulder is starting to get stiff from lack of activity. Thus far, due to the tetanus shot, I’ve been on anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants, antacids for the anti-inflammatories (which are hard on the stomach), have seen a neurologist twice, had an EMG (an invasive procedure involving electric shocks and needles … which indicates nerve damage was sustained) had an MRI (neurogram) of the upper left arm, and today had a chest x-ray. Now I am supposed to get another MRI (of the neck), get a test called an SSEP (not sure what that is yet), start a new drug used for seizures that also helps nerve damage, and start physical therapy once we make sure there’s no nerve damage to my neck. While we (i.e., my physician and neurologist) don’t have a 100% diagnosis yet — hence all the upcoming tests — their current best guess is that I have had an auto-immune reaction to the tetanus vaccination. We hope it will gradually go away over a period of months. Note that the vaccine could have triggered something more servere and long-lasting in my body, but hopefully not. Regardless, this has been a bit of a horror story already, and I will try to stand my ground even harder next time I’m offered a precautionary vaccination of any kind … even though I was pretty vocal this time. My neurologist (also a professor of neurology) says this kind of thing from vaccinations happens a fair bit. If this is true, I believe physicians should be much more careful about providing (potentially needless) vaccinations, and should caution patients of the possible side effects … like the drug companies are required to do with their medications. Note that I’ve had plenty of vaccinations in the past, and this is my first adverse reaction. (I’m 37 years old.) This is also the first medical incident that has caused me to complain online. I’m very bummed out by all this … all caused by a shot I didn’t really need.

  126. Kathy B / Sep 8 2008 9:47 am

    It’s been over 4 months since I had my tetnus shot. It was strongly recommended since i was bitten by a brown recluse spider. The bite has healed nicely and is finally over. I wish I could say the same about my tetnus shot reaction. I expected a few days of soreness after the shot, but here I am months later, my arm still sore and keeping me from sleeping at nights. It started with soreness at the injection site and the surrounding muscles being achy and weak, but now the pain has radiated into my other joints. I have researched alot to make sure these symptons aren’t part of the spider bite fallout. And I am positive it isn’t. But if you read about tetnus shot adverse reactions, you will see “serious allergic reactions can cause deep, aching pain and muscle wasting in the upper arms. These symptoms could start from two days to four weeks after the shot and could continue for months.” I think my problem occurred when my dr put me on prednisone to suppress my immune systems overreaction to the spider bite, but then gave me a vaccine made from live tetnus virus which requires a healthy immune system. Please think twice about allowing your dr to combine medications, shots, etc. Our bodies can only deal with so much at one time. Never take vaccines when your immune system is fighting off other health problems or if you are taking antibiotics. Also vaccinate in the opposite arm of your injury.

  127. Michelle / Sep 12 2008 7:18 pm has been 4 days for me since my tetanus shot. Dan, I only have the symptom of the red swollen ball on my arm which itches like crazy and no sleep. No one has said if it actually goes away. Or how long does it last. If it has, some sort of positive comment would be nice to hear. I will check back and let you know when mine goes away so that people will know that it is okay. After reading these comments I am more stressed out so any helpful info would be great, I start a new job on Monday and am worried now. Thanks!

  128. alicia / Sep 13 2008 1:51 am about the worst flu I’ve ever had. I had the Tdap shot on Thursday afternoon and this evening (Saturday) I started to have the chills, sweats, and muscle aches associated with flu symptoms. I am glad others are having similar reactions so I know there is nothing wrong with me! Good thing this vacc. is only every 10 years. My arm couldn’t take it pain more often than that.

  129. alicia / Sep 13 2008 1:52 am about the worst flu I’ve ever had. I had the Tdap shot on Thursday afternoon and this evening (Saturday) I started to have the chills, sweats, and muscle aches associated with flu symptoms. It is 2:30 in the am, and I am unable to sleep due to the pounding headache that is persisting. I am glad others are having similar reactions so I know there is nothing wrong with me! Good thing this vacc. is only every 10 years. My arm couldn’t take the pain more often than that.

  130. Jeanne C. / Sep 13 2008 9:49 pm

    I got a tetnus shot on Thursday at about noon. It’s late Saturday night and I have a hard, painful lump at the injection site. I had chills and sweating today and this evening. I am on an antibotic (Cipro) for a urinary tract infection. The infection seemed to go away, but now is back with a vengence. The injection site is hot to the touch and definitely is red. I think the pain and the redness is growing. I am a breast cancer survivor of two years and am otherwise in good health.

  131. Shawna / Sep 14 2008 9:20 am

    Ok, good. So I thought I was dying because I never get sick (knock on wood). I got my Tetanus on Friday, it is now Sunday, and I feel like walking death! I haven’t been able to use the arm that the shot was given to, and now I can hardly get out of bed. I thought I had the severe flu, but now I know it’s a reaction to the vaccine. I’m glad I came across this, so I don’t have to rush to a doctor first thing tomorrow morning.

  132. Ashlee / Sep 17 2008 10:14 pm

    Hi. I was just worried because I had to get the shot for school, again, my 10 yrs from the first time I went to College was up in June. The college said they would drop me out if I didn’t get one. The shot didn’t hurt, however my arm is very very sore! I had to laugh because of some of the above comments about waking up when you accidentally roll over on it. I wasn’t too worried until my roomate noticed the rather large hard lump that has swollen up on my right arm. I was hoping to have this done by my volleyball game but I guess not so much luck. No fever, chills ect now, but I’m glad to find out other people have the swollen lump. Thanks. I’m hoping this goes away.

  133. Sara / Sep 29 2008 11:56 pm

    I had six stitches to reattach my fingertip on Friday, September 26. I just thought the shot through the end of the finger to deaden it was bad until the tetanus shot. Today is Monday, and I’ve been on the sofa for the last two days just feeling absolutely cruddy. I don’t have the energy to do anything. I keep taking my temperature because it feels like I fever, but it is very low grade. Achy – grumpy – chills — and my arm has a big, sore lump. I have a pain in my mid-left back that I thought — hey, I must be getting a kidney infection (I’ve had them before, but a long time ago), but since I don’t have fever nor any other kidney infection symptoms, I don’t know what has caused the pain. Then I thought to look and see if there was tetanus shot side effects. I feel better knowing that I’m not alone and that others have had these symptoms. I get the stitches out on Friday, which will be one week. If it is not better then, I will consult with the physician. Sure is a crappy feeling, that’s for sure!

  134. Carl / Oct 6 2008 3:51 pm

    Doctors need to tell people what to expect! I got a tetanus booster ten days ago in my left arm. Made my arm so sore, I could not sleep on my left side for a week. Also made the muscles/glands in my shoulders, chest, and neck sore… also my left kidney, strangely enough. The glands along my collarbone got really tender, very painful to touch. Let’s see how it goes from here.

  135. Branka / Oct 10 2008 9:26 am

    I had a tetanus injection after being bitten by a dog. This was approximately 10 days ago and I feel terrible. I have pain in my shoulder, my back, my legs feel weak, i’m anxious, jumpy, crying all the time, sore throat, cough, I feel terrible. If I’d have known that it would cause these symptoms i’d have taken the chance and gone without it. I also have very perculiar sensations around my mouth area, somewhat like i’m drooling, but I’ve heard this is a side effect of actual tetanus, my body has been loaded with this poisionous substance and I just feel so crap at the minute. I’ve been to the doctors twice and am thinking about going to my local A&E Department if these symptoms continue to carry on. I think i’ve had a reaction to this as I am susceptible to allergies so who knows. I would not recommend this shot to anybody.

  136. Kim / Oct 13 2008 1:58 am

    I am so glad you have this blog going. I received a tetnus shot after my dog ran into me and I fell to the ground and only scraped two of my toes on the right foot, and thought I had broke my left foot!This was last Thursday afternoon. I was told I needed to get a tetnus shot as my last one was 1997. Now I know why I didn’t sleep that night. my arm did hurt pretty bad the second night, but this is Sunday night or should I say Monday morning and I have a red area on the same arm as the shot, but, not where I got the shot. The shot is in the middle of the arm and the red, hot area is closer to my armpit only down farther and my arm doesn’t hurt anymore, Is this normal? It has me wondering as lately I have became allergic to just about anything they try to give me, and my breathing isn’t hard it just seems strange to me, like I am congested, but I am not! If that makes any sense? Has this happened to anyone else?

  137. Kim / Oct 13 2008 10:11 pm

    My son had a tetanus shot at his 6th grade physical appt. The next day the poor kid could not even walk. He said his body felt like jello, especially his legs. His muscles were very sore including the injection site, ewhich was very painful. I thought it was strange to feel flu like symptoms right after a tetanus shot. He wasn’t sick prior to that injection.

  138. ellen / Oct 15 2008 8:19 pm

    My foot was injured in a mishap with a horse and a hog panel, the rod almost went completely through my foot. I went to the doctor the next day to get a tetanus shot and have my wound evaluated. I received the shot two days ago and my arm has a half tennis ball lump where the shot was given and I feel awful, my neck is stiff, I have a bad headache. Headaches are common for me but this one just seems different, I am exhausted, I could barely stay awake for the drive home from work. I called my nurse friend because I was quite sure lock jaw was setting in a bit low and it was sure to migrate to my head any minute. She said the pain was normal. This is not normal, I too feel that my breathing is labored. I feel for everyone’s pain but, I am relieved to find out I am not alone in my suffering.

  139. Wendy / Oct 16 2008 3:06 pm

    Thank you all for your comments!!!! I’m very grateful for the information I have read. I went for a normal check up on Tuesday morning, they told me I was due for my tetnus shot. Didnt think twice about it since I’vve never had problems with the shot before. First night I was fine, slight soreness, no biggie. Second day, a bit more sore, and hurt to lay on that side. Not a big deal either, I can put up with that! Here I am, Thursday and I am achy all over, especially my back, buttocks and shoulders. Feel the chills and a burning sensation in my lower back, really weird. Like the beginning stages of the flu! Now that I have read this blog, I see that is common and will make sure to get to bed earlier and just sleep it off and hope it only last a couple more days!

    Thanks everyone!

  140. Erin / Oct 18 2008 6:06 am

    Thank you all for posting your reactions! It breathes real life into the post-shot effects that I read about in the completely unhelpful pamphlet I was given with my shot! Nowhere did it mention this flu-like business; it said I would be sore for 12-24 hours. I really thought I was just getting sick on top of the arm pain from the shot and the pain in my leg and other arm from my injury that required I get the shot in the first place! Geez… it’s been a rough week!!! :(

    I got the combo Td shot on Thursday around 2pm. It was a piece of cake! No pain afterward, despite what the doctor said would happen. When I woke up the next morning, I felt like I had been punched in the arm and the glands in my throat were swollen like they would be when a cold was coming on. This worsened throughout the day, despite ibuprofen for the arm pain and decongestants for the nasal drip that I assumed was causing the swollen glands.

    This is my second morning. It’s 6 am on a Saturday and I am on my computer looking up alternative side effects because I slept ZILCH through the night. Tossing and turning, sweating profusely, unable to breathe, and of course with the annoying just-been-punched feeling in the arm, which has now spread through the whole arm (in the form of aching – the shot location is where the actual pain is).

    Thank you all for sharing your experiences, too!! I’m glad I got the shot and won’t be subjected to actual Tetnus… but I wish I hadn’t had such a reaction!

  141. Jan / Oct 22 2008 11:26 am

    Dan, thank you for this. I received what I believed to be a routine tetanus only vaccine two weeks ago. Two days later, on a Sat., I noticed a large, swollen egg shaped node on my neck just above the collar bone. It was sore, tender and bright red. I was fatigued for days. Some joint pain in my left elbow (the side of the injection site). My doctor did NOT tell me I was getting the Tdap vaccine, nor was I given any paperwork – thus, I was not informed of what was being put into my body. I’ve had many inoculations prior to travel in Africa, all without side effects. This is the first time. Now, two weeks later, I still have a swollen lump above the clavicle, enlarged lymph nodes. The Tdap vaccine has only been used on adults since 2005, with only 1,800 case studies. From what I’ve read and been told, it is usually the Whooping Cough part of the vaccination that is responsible for adverse reactions, and while very rare, obviously, the do exist. Those allergic to latex should not be given the shot – I have a slight allergy, but again, wasn’t told what I was getting or offered any information. I’ve been worried about this swollen node as I never get sick and am relieved to have found this site with so many who have also experienced adverse effects. My doctor’s aid finally returned my call and said to watch it for another two or three weeks. I find this to be rather disconcerting and dismissive considering I wasn’t given the appropriate info prior to the shot. Thank you!

  142. Brenda / Oct 26 2008 9:29 am

    Had my shot last week and the next day I felt like I had the flu. Chills, fever, fatigue, and throbbing in my arm lasted for about 2 days. Now I’m have bad chest cramps and arm is swollen and itchy. I wish I would have done more research because the shot was for minor scraps on my hands and knees, I don’t think I really needed one right away. I’m very tired and my lower back ached all night and my appetite is gone. After I finish with one symptom another one comes up. I will try to call the doctor tomorrow and see if there is anything they can do. My poor body has been on a roller coaster for the past 5 days and I don’t know when it will end.

  143. Celeste B / Oct 26 2008 2:39 pm

    Yikes – well first of all, Thanks to whoever started this – information is pretty sketchy and scant out there… I got my tetanus shot on Friday at 2 and it’s now Sunday at almost 2 and I feel like crap! I’ve got a hard lump that has been growing out of the injection site. My arm hurts, my back hurts, sleeping hurts, I’m tired of it all. Doctors really need to not be so cavalier about this. OK – so maybe most people will get the shot and go about their lives unduly burdened – but it’s quite apparent that some of us will have problems — from soreness to really being compromised. I didn’t hear anything nor was I given anything to read – next time I’m asking…. but why is the onus always on us? They’re the doctors — share some knowledge. As evidenced by this blog, we didn’t know about the possible side effects (aside from perhaps “some soreness”) First we wouldn’t all be slightly panicked – not knowing wtf is going on…anyhoo – thanks to all for sharing their experiences.

  144. Donna / Oct 26 2008 8:55 pm

    I am glad I found this site. I went to my doctor for sinus pressure and acid reflux and received meds which helped a lot and felt great for the next few days. I also got a tetanus shot that day. Within 4 days my whole life changed. I started getting tight restriction in my neck and odd pressure in the lower part of my head with a lump in throat. The restriction and spasms and lump feeling moves around. I stopped each medication to see if I was having an allergic reaction to them, but it persisted. I then remembered about the tetanus shot. I have had number ct scans for my throat,neck sinus, and and endoscopy and they show nothing. It’s been 2 months and I haven’t gotten an answer to my problem, and no one is willing to believe the shot could have caused this. Has anyone ever gotten neck spasms after the tetanus shot? I did have a huge bump at the injection site that lasted a good 2 to 3 weeks also.

  145. Nicole / Oct 30 2008 12:12 pm

    Jan – I too have a swollen lump on my clavicle. I got the shot on Oct 25th so it’s been less than a week and I’m just wondering how long it might last. Has yours remained the same size the entire time or does it seem to be getting better. So far my doctor has also just said keep an eye on it for changes and “wait and see”. Not what I wanted to hear. Any updates you can provide would be most appreciated!

    Any one else who had the clavicle lump… how long did it take for yours to go away?

  146. kathleen / Oct 30 2008 12:43 pm

    I was given a tetanus shot about a year ago for Nursing Assistant, to this day my left arm is extremely weak, tingling, throbbing and painfully achy 90% of the time. I thought maybe I had injured it somehow but trying to think back I can’t think of anything,,,,I only worked as a CNA for 3 months. But I don’t have any proof I guess as to what the reason or cause is. I only know its getting worse and a Dr. said it was Tendonitis about 3 months ago, but I never thought to bring up the Tetanus issue. The Dr. wouldnt even x-ray my arm just said Tendonitis. That’s one reason why I hardly ever go to the Doctor’s. Oh well just have to suffer. (Mother of 4 girls including twins and a wife).

    • Ed / Mar 3 2010 12:09 pm

      I suspect the same thing happened to me. I had a tetanus shot somewhere in January 2009… then after a few months I started to feel pain in my left arm and my shoulder movements are restricted. the doctor diagnosed tendonitis. would there be others out there experiencing the same?

  147. Rebecca / Nov 3 2008 12:22 am

    I had taken a tetanus shot in June 2008 and its been 4 months and I sitll have pain on my left arm and it is not as strong as it was. I still have pain and I regret having taken this shot.Wonder how long it will last.When I called the doctors office to see if I needed to come in ,the receptionist told me that she had taken this shot a couple of years ago and it still hurts for her.

  148. Steve / Nov 4 2008 1:45 am

    Have a small farm-ish place here. Our 8-year-old gal (very lively, very sweet) got poked by a nail. We saw blood and rust. We went a few days later for the T part only. That was Friday. Nine days later on Monday (Nov 3, 2008), bam. She is out cold on the couch with flu like fever. No siblings or friends with any of this. Anyone else see such a delayed reaction? Sounds like most of this was next-day type stuff.

  149. Donna / Nov 6 2008 12:24 pm

    I am still having difficulties with the lump in various parts of my throat. They seem like spasms because sometimes I can feel them release with a little tingly feeling and then it moves to another part of my throat, or sometimes I can feel my vocal cords just vibrating in there. Sometimes the lump is so big feeling I am having trouble eating and have lost over 10 pounds since this started. I have a strange feeling in my upper back near spine area that sometimes radiants all the way done my arm. I never had that before the shot either. I am desperate and going back to the doctor today. I will post with any updates.

  150. Afaq / Nov 10 2008 2:15 am

    This is amazing. im glad i found this forum.
    Did anyone, in addition to the pain and swelling at site of injection, an fever, also have an infection?
    I had similar symptoms as many of you. but when i went to see the doctor he told me i had cellulitis at site of infection, which is why the area was inflamed and sore and itchy. he prescribed antibiotics (chepalexin) which i am taking now. i got the shot on friday, saturday morning had a sore arm and felt very weak and as time went by had a fever that just got worse, which i why i went to the emergency room. may sound paranoid to some people but I was pretty concerned.
    right now my arm is not as sore, but its itchy and a bit hot.i havent scratched it even tho its itchy because i dont want to risk cutting myself. im due to follow up tomorrow so hopefully all will be fine and these symptoms wont persist.
    Wish everyone good health and thanks for sharing your experience

  151. Rick / Nov 10 2008 10:26 am

    I would also like to thank Dan for keeping this blog open. I too had a reaction to a Tdap shot I received last week(night sweats, anxiety, elevated pulse rate, arm still sore 5 days later). I have never had this reaction to prior Tetanus shots/boosters. Unfortunately, my physician did not advise about possible reactions to the relatively new Tdap vaccine, nor did they correlate my “symptoms” to the vaccine – said I may be getting the flu and/or I must be anxious about something….which I was…I was concerned about my rapid pulse. I’m still not over the symtoms, however I do feel much better knowing what the cause is. I plan to submit a VAERS(Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) which goes to the CDC/FDA. Here is the website to get info on this and print VAERS forms:

  152. Christina Ridder / Nov 12 2008 3:49 pm

    I had the tetanus/whooping cough shot 5 days ago now and my arm is still killing me! The day after the shot I got a fever, chills, body aches, and fatigue. I also felt like I was in a fog – I went to church with half my make-up on and then I left my purse under my seat and didn’t realize it for several hours! The pain in my arm has been so severe which is why I started surfing the net to see if that is normal. I can still barley raise it. Like a lot of other people said, I’ve never had a reaction to this shot like this before. It helps to hear that other people have had similar stories.

  153. Cherie / Nov 15 2008 3:47 pm

    I am so glad that I found this website. I received my shot on Wednesday morning. I actually went to the doctor for a sinus infection. The doctor suggested I get the booster shot because it had been a while since I last had one. I was not given ANYTHING to read and I wasn’t told that it was a combo shot. I asked the nurse if I would be sore and she said no. Now, 3 days later, I feel like crap. The injection site only has some minor soreness but there’s a huge lump under the skin. That’s the least of it! I feel like walking death – fever, chills, my whole body aches, I am so tired. I am a single Mom and I don’t have a huge amount of sick time saved up so I am worried about how this will effect my life in the near future. I have my fingers crossed that the symptoms will go away sooner than some of the people on this site. Most of all – I am pissed off! I had no idea that the shot contained mercury (poison) or that the “new version” was different from the last shot I received over 15 years ago. None of the possible side effects were discussed or explained to me or even mentioned at all. I am wondering, especially for those of you who have had severe and extended complications, has anyone pursued this legally? It just seems so WRONG that doctors can do this without informing us. It feels like we were all unwillingly part of a test panel. It just seems wrong. I hope that my side effects go away quickly but, if not, I plan on following up on any possible legal recourse. I am angry at myself for not asking more questions but – really – where should the responsibility lie? As a professional licensed doctor, shouldn’t my doctor have given me all the facts BEFORE he gave me the injection? To Dan – thank you for keeping this discussion open. I haven’t been able to find this information anywhere else. To all who are still suffering from side effects – I hope you all feel better soon.

  154. darcy / Nov 21 2008 2:45 pm

    I think it’s helpful you left this up. I had a tetanus shot 2 days ago and didn’t expect any reaction nor was I told to expect one. My arm hurt, and my neck hurt, and then I got the flu-like symptoms described by others here, along with inability to sleep. If I hadn’t found this site, I would simply have thought I was crazy. When I taught in Mexico, my students died all the time from tetanus. I’m not against shots, just glad to know about the side effects. I’m sure they’ll pass.

  155. Marge / Nov 23 2008 1:51 pm

    Thanks Dan, for this blog. I have mild armpit pain 2 and 3 days after the Tdap vaccine and flu shot. This is great to read that it may just be a somewhat normal reaction. I also had the mild aches and fatigue, and sore injection site. I am nursing my baby, so was worried I had a duct issue, but the location is way up in the armpit. It feels like very mild burning, but not hot to the touch. Besides the burning, it also feels muscular, and I probably did sleep with my shoulder in an odd position because of the injection site pain. Thanks to everyone for contributing!

  156. Susan / Nov 23 2008 5:25 pm

    I got a tetanus shot last Thursday. Sunday afternoon – Arm is sore and feeling tired and no energy. My biggest concern is the “vertigo” that started on day 3 during the middle of the night dizziness when turning over from side to side. I have read all the different reactions and did not see this one.

    Any thoughts?

  157. Toni / Nov 23 2008 8:02 pm

    November 23, 2008

    Thanks Dan, for this blog! I recieved the Tdap vaccine back in August, before entering nursing school.Initially the injection site was extremely swollen very painful and fever, I showed it to my nursing director and she advised me to return to my doctor so she could see it. Well the swelling final went away and the fever; but the pain is still here just as bad as at the beginning (3 almost 4 months ago). I went back to my doctor she did’nt have an explanation.She prescibed Mobic which has’nt helped. This isn’t showing any signs of resolving itself. And at times the pain is very debilatating. If there is anyone out there that has a solution and pain relieve answers please foward them to me! Thanks Dan for listening.

  158. Jason / Nov 29 2008 11:51 pm

    Hey, I got my tetanus shot on Thursday. I needed it for school. The day of the shot I was perfectly fine. On Friday, my right tricep was swollen and the whole arm hurt a lot, later that day, my legs were really hard and stiff, I couldn’t walk properly. On Saturday, my whole body hurt, arms, legs, joints, everything. I also noticed sneezing and flu-like symptoms. I don’t know what is going to happen next. I have 3 tests next week and I’m afraid I won’t be able to attend those. The DR said its not a big deal and I’m really ticked off at him for not informing me about the side effects.

  159. Nic / Nov 30 2008 6:24 am

    I have been wondering , why have I been headachey and fatigued and have sore joints for the last 3 weeks. Today I thought to myself, I bet you its that Tetanus shot, I had at the beginning on the month.

    To check I searched the internet and found you guys… How many 1000′s of people would never connect their reactions to various vacinations and medications….The mind boggles.

  160. Dennis / Nov 30 2008 7:15 am

    LOL Dan’s webpage has a million hits from vaccination adverse reactions! LOL! Anyhow, my 2 cents is I had a flu shot in right arm and Tdap in left arm at the same time! Mistake!!!!!!
    High fever for 2 to 3 days, 103F, aches, chills, severe headache, without any respiratory symptoms, just like described before me. It was rough, I thought I would die. I took so much Advil to counter the fever and pain! Well, no more flu shots for me, and I don’t need a tetanus shot for ten years until I’m 42, thank god!

    Happy Holidays All!

  161. Dona / Nov 30 2008 11:38 pm

    Great forum. I received a tetanus shot two days ago and had the
    same reaction as mentioned from the other recipients of the shot, body aches with disorientation. Third day and arm is extremely sore. Has anybody tried anything for soreness? Motrin does alleviate the soreness for a time. I was thinking maybe hot compresses might help.


  162. Kevin / Dec 1 2008 10:02 pm

    I got the Tdap two weeks ago today… My arm is STILL sore. I went to the doctor today, and he was baffled. He told me to take advil and use a warm compress. Are you kidding me? I’m livid. he said he’d given thousand of these vaccines and never seen ongoing soreness as a reaction.

  163. Bonnie / Dec 2 2008 1:32 pm

    I got the tetanus/whooping cough shot yesterday. I feel like crap today. My symptoms are body aches, chills, skin sensativity, arm aches and has a lump, my eyes,mouth & nose feel hot. I found this website and was glad to see others had reactions and I’m not the only one. Hopefully the symptoms will go away. Hope everyone gets better.

  164. Dominic / Dec 6 2008 12:07 pm

    I had my yearly check-up on Dec 1 and dr suggested TD shot. Dec 5. noticided my left armpit, side where i received my shot was swollen and sore. Imediately I started to check the internet and ran across this site. I am sooo..glad I found site and that other people are experiencing the swollen and tenderness under the arm. The first thing that came to my mind was lymphoma and now knowing this is a common symtom am relieved. Also feeling tired and achy but just passed off for getting flu.

  165. Isa / Dec 8 2008 1:20 pm

    This is my story…
    I got the Tetanus shot two weeks ago because I cut my finger with glass. Three weeks previous to that I had the Flu shot on the same spot (same arm).
    The shot (tetanus) was given on the same arm where I had cut my finger (left arm) and today, after two weeks the pain is as severe and it is almost impossible for me to lift my left arm!!!! Doctors say nothing! I guess they don’t inform themselves the way one does when one is in pain!
    What is going on!!!!!?????
    Does anyone knows why this happens? I have a baby I need to take care of all day so I need my arms and my strength to hold him……

  166. Carolyn Lycan / Dec 11 2008 9:54 am

    Thanks for the post. At least I now know that I don’t have a virus and should be better tomorrow….(I work with animals and really did see the need for the shot….I asked for it)

    thank you again

  167. C / Dec 12 2008 8:16 pm

    I am glad I found this site. I got a tetanus shot a few days ago and for the next few days experienced extreme soreness in my arm and also felt tired all the time. Then today I discovered a small lump above my collar bone, on the same side that I got my shot. I’m going to the doctor next week to get it checked out, just to be sure, but after reading comments on here from people who had something similar, I’m convinced it is because of the tetanus shot (even though the nurse I talked to denied this).

  168. Mari Haist / Jan 7 2009 1:19 pm

    i am 17 yrs old. my last tetanus shot was in ’05 and i just got a TDAP shot yesterday, was that supposed to happen? today i feel all zoned out, tired, i have the chills, and everything. i feel so tired and sick. is this normal? normal as is, did anyone else feel this way? did anyone get these shots so close together?

  169. DR. Ben / Jan 8 2009 11:22 pm

    I am a physician and have recently received my second tetanus booster since medical school. The sore arm and flu like symptoms for a few days are not unusual reactions. The fear of autism, mercury poisoning and encephalitis are all hysterical rumors. Tetanus causes involuntary painful contraction of all striatal muscle, including the vocal cords and larynx. Worse than a charley horse and involving all of your muscles including those involved in breathing. Commonly held to be one of the most painful acute syndromes possible, with a high risk of death from hypercapnia (suffocation due to inability to breathe) and subsequent renal failure from muscle breakdown. A sore deltoid and a little fatigue is a wise choice, especially if you’ve suffered a puncture wound or deep cut and ten years have elapsed since your last booster.

  170. Britt / Jan 9 2009 8:30 pm

    Oh, yay, the tetanus comments are open again!

    Coincidentally, I had a TDAP booster yesterday… I was all excited to go tell Dan, until my complete and total lack of interesting symptoms caused me to forget about it. ;)

    My arm was a little sore last night. Otherwise, nada

    Now I’m going to go run around a construction site and maybe step on a nail. Wheeeeee!

  171. Jessica / Jan 9 2009 8:34 pm

    Omg I had an anxiety attack and felt flu like symptoms as well a day after my tetanus shot on Wednesday, I even was suffering from tachycardia and everyone said that it could not have been from the tetanus shot, but apparently thanks to all of you, I realized it is! I feel much better but I feel awful. Thank you everyone for reassuring me beliefs!

  172. nicole / Jan 14 2009 12:27 am

    out of all the websites and forums i’ve been on, finding this bloggie was awesome. i got my shot on monday and everything seemed fine. the nurse gave me a pamphlet and warned me that i might have discomfort. i figured okay well thats normal i can handle that. later on in the evening around 6:00 i started to get pain in my left upper arm. i got to bed and holy hell i couldn’t sleep all night, the pain escalated to the point where i couldn’t move my left arm at all, even when it was still it was excruciating. i woke up and it was still bad, almost cried when i was putting on my shirt because the pain was so intense. not only that but the pain traveled to my neck. i’m lucky i haven’t had any flu like symptoms but its only the 2nd day so who knows what might happen tomorrow. its gotten better today but its all a bit too much for me. i can’t wait until this goes away. reading some of these comments kind of got me paranoid and a bit neurotic but i think i’m gonna just take it easy and wait all this out. i will say that moving the arm around and putting an ice pack on it helps a lot. also drinking some advil or ibuprofen helps.

  173. Jodessa / Jan 25 2009 7:39 pm

    I received a tetanus/whooping cough vaccination 12 days ago and have been woken from sleep every night since with extreme pain in my right shoulder (I always awake between 3 and 5 am when the ibuprophen I took prior to bed wears off). The shoulder pain began about 7 hours post-shot, and was much more severe than anything I had felt with prior immunizations. After doing some research on possible side effects of the vaccine combo I received, one side effect that showed up during clinincal trials was “brachial neuritis”, which fits my symptoms exactly. I could not tell my doctor my exact vaccination history, and as I was in for a required physical for work, advised me that I should get the vaccination and if I had prior vaccinations it should not hurt. However, after reading up on it, individuals with an increased level of the vaccine in their system are more likely to aquire brachial neuritis. It is a rare condition (1-3 people out of every 100,000, but does occur and is often misdiagnosed.) There is no treatment other than to control pain at the onset and physical therapy to regain use of the muscle. I have not lose use of the muscle yet (am still dealing with the pain), but my shoulder has dropped 2 inches and I have been working my arm like crazy to try to prevent any muscle loss.
    Best of luck to anyone else that shares in my misfortune!

  174. DR / Jan 28 2009 7:05 pm

    The people mocking the damage from a Tetanus are certainly not informed people. I have done a lot of research and been to numerous doctors since my cranial nerve damage from my tetanus shot in August. I finally found a neurologist who was very knowledgeable and knew right off the bat that tetanus shots can cause cranial nerve damage and that I wasn’t crazy. If you get the actual pamphlet insert from the MANUFACTURER, you will see the damage that these shots can potentially do. It may be a very, very small percentage, but if you are like me and one of the unlucky few, it doesn’t matter what the odds are.

  175. Leona / Feb 1 2009 12:08 am

    January 15th I received a Tetanus shot the first in many years. I am almost 50 and about to begin a home project so figured it would be a good idea to get one. I also have Ms. Am I feeling good now, NO.

    My left arm hurt a little, its the headaches, and migraines that followed with the dizziness that got me.

    16th I had my first migraine
    17th and 18th I had 2 migraines each day
    19th 3 migraines and ende dup in ER mentioned several times that I had had a tetanus shot
    20th no migraine
    21 1 migraine

    I am still a bit dizzy, a bit out of sorts. Had I known this would have happened to me I would have passed on it.

    Why do they use a toxin like mercury as a medium in a shot that is to help people. Why is there no law suites going on to help people get the medical help to detox their bodies of this. I am a bit mad. And why are we not told before getting the shot, I think that it should be our right to shose toxin or not. I would love to begin a class action law suit against the pharm companies. I do hope that the dizzies go away. Its bad enough that I have been diagnosed with MS but now this. I am beyond MAD.

    Am I going to get better, I hope so. I am drinking detox tea twice a day, taking vitamins, minerals and amino acids daily. Doing what I can to try and get quality of life back to the best it can be.

  176. Cjo / Feb 6 2009 6:38 pm

    I had a booster shot yesterday. I don’t have much pain in my shoulder. It feels a bit tender (like someone has punched me in arm) but there’s no bump. I have not experienced any joint aches or other flu-like symptoms.

    However, I am becoming concerned because I have been experiencing some chest pain since I received the shot. It’s on my left side just below my breast. It seems to go away when I am resting (i.e, sitting or laying down) but when I am walking or being active it can sometimes be really painful. Has anyone experienced this symptom? I am an otherwise healthy, active female in her mid-twenties so I don’t think it’s an impending heart attack…

    • Chris / Oct 24 2009 3:51 am

      Yes, I have the same exact symptoms as you described, except my pain is in my upper left chest. How long did it take you to recover? Mine started about 10 or 11 days after my flu and tetanus shots (in my left arm). Prior to that, I had some swollen glands under my left arm which lasted a few days. This is now gone on for about five days and the pain has only decreased slightly.

  177. Jessie / Feb 22 2009 3:09 am

    Well I just got my tetnus booster Friday and it is early sunday morning and man. I think I had a panic attack. Not from the shot though. I am an MLT student and had to get it for my school physical for clinicals. I feel like bad sick. I was scared cause I started a sore throat and achy. So i jumped on line to examine the damage and look for possible side effects and this website really comforted me. None of the others said sore throat and achy but this one. I was starting to get a little scared at first but I guess I am expected to recover tomorrow according to all of you.

  178. Shane / Feb 22 2009 10:10 pm

    I just received a Tetanus shot the other night after a friends pitbull attacked me. Well, I feel like crap right now :( I feel weak and sick. They did give the shot in the rear, so instead of a sore arm, my butt hurts :( Hope this goes away by tomorrow morning!!

  179. Jackie / Feb 27 2009 10:13 am

    Hi to you all;

    I was wondering about why my arm is so sore and painful. I got my tetanus shot on Tuesday and the next morning i got this pain and was curiuos why they didn’t tell me anything. I even asked the doctor will i have some side effects and she said no! I even wanted to go back to the doctor today but after reading this i think i may not. Still i am a little worried as i read here that people have these reactions long time, even months????Is this possible , does enyone know ho wlong this pain lasts. I do not have flu like symptoms yet, or maybe i donlt notice them so much like the pain.

  180. Jared / Feb 27 2009 11:00 pm

    Just wanted to thank all of you for posting your stories. I got the Tdap on Tuesday and everything seemed fine. Went to bed and woke up Wednesday feeling just awful. My shoulder was completely swollen and I was unable to lift my arm over my head without grinding my teeth in pain. The flu-like symptoms started around the middle of the afternoon on Wednesday. I felt really flushed as if I had a fever but was shivering uncontrollably. I took my temperature, but it was only 98.3! The symptoms got worse as the day progressed and by the time I went to bed I felt just freaking awful. It was exactly like having the flu, which I haven’t had in many, many years since I’m a pretty healthy guy who eats right and exercises every day.

    My doc gave me a brochure from the Department of Health and Human Services which lists all the possible side effects of the vaccine as well as the odds of them occurring as reported by clinical trials. I’ll list them here:

    MILD PROBLEMS (Noticeable but did not interfere with activities)
    * Pain (3 in 4 adolescents; 2 in 3 adults)
    * Redness or swelling (1 in 5)
    * Mild fever of at least 100 degrees (1 in 25 adolescents; 1 in 100 adults)
    * Headache (4 in 10 adolescents; 3 in 10 adults)
    * Tiredness (1 in 3 adolescents; 1 in 4 adults)
    * Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach ache (1 in 4 adolescents; 1 in 10 adults)
    * Chills, body aches, sore joints, rash, swollen lymph glands (no percentage reported)

    MODERATE PROBLEMS (Interfered with activites but did not require medical attention)
    * Pain (1 in 20 adolescents; 1 in 100 adults)
    * Redness or swelling (1 in 16 adolescents; 1 in 25 adults)
    * Fever over 102 degrees (1 in 100 adolescents; 1 in 250 adults)
    * Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach ache (3 in 100 adolescents; 1 in 250 adults)
    * Headache (1 in 300)

    SEVERE PROBLEMS (Unable to perform usual activities; required medical attention)
    * In the clinical trial, 2 adults (out of 1800) had nervous system problems after getting the vaccine. These may or may not have been caused by the vaccine. The symptoms went away on their own and caused no permanent harm.

  181. Renata / Feb 28 2009 7:38 pm

    Good info, got the booster thursday feb 26. Today, swollen hard grape size lump. Itchy around injection site but no rash.

  182. Alaine / Mar 4 2009 3:49 am

    I Got a tetanus booster yesterday after 10 years. Achy and painful arm like everybody else but a strange symptom. Suddenly as I swallowed I got a cramp/spasm in my neck (a really frightening sensation) it subsided then another one occured a few minutes later. I got really concerned when I googled tetanus vaccine and saw one of the symptoms of tetanus is neck spasms. However, everything I’ve read so far says you cant get tetanus from the vaccine. I also have a tender spot on the muscle over the clavicle. I think Donna mentioned similar symptons. It doesn’t seem like the warnings given by doctors or the pharmaceudical industry are covering all of the symptoms. I plan to call my doctor in the morning and ask her what is going on.

  183. terea / Mar 4 2009 12:04 pm

    So I’m alittle worried but I read all of your stories and I feel alittle better, See I had the shot on sat this is Wed, the first night after the shot i felt so sick to my stomache and just very ill feeling so i went right to bed, the next day that went away but i got new symptoms, my back adn neck started hurting, not too bad tho just enough to get on your nerves, so i let that go maybe i slept on it wrong! But the next day my mouth felt wierd, right by the jaw it was tingly and wierd feeling i started to panic because i was starting to think it was tetanus, but it doesnt hurt to open it, it just feels wierd, like when your about to eat something sour your mouth feels funny, thats how i describe it lol… then my whole body started to become sore! and it feels all tingly and like i have hot water going through my body! so i went to the ER and they just said ahh it could be the reaction to the shot! Has anyone ever had the warm feeling in the muscles and the whole wierd thing around the jaw? Man maybe i’m just paranoid! I’m never getting the shot again!! :)

  184. Ms.Ohio / Mar 12 2009 7:46 pm

    Hi all, I was wondering I got a shot on Monday from ER and arm was sore, as of yesterday I started to notice a irritating pain in my under arm pit. And I am starting to itch a bit, I can handle that, just curious about the under arm and my arm is still kind of sore where I got the shot. I have read most of the post and have not seen anyone mention anything about that. I have gotten the shot before, but when the nurse ask me when the last time I had one, I guess I did not answer fast enough, so she said she would give me another one.

    Thanks Ms.Ohio

  185. karen / Apr 13 2009 11:45 am

    Thank you to everyone who posted on the site and the host of course! Had a tetanus and dip booster on Thursday due to a dog bite, I asked if there would be any side effects, was told no… On Friday felt illish and a little stiff all over plus the bruised arm from the injection site. Sat and Sun I got stiffer and stiffer and am now in quite a lot of pain, I cannot walk very far as the pain in my lower back and hips is excruciating, plus numness and pins and needles in my neck and down the arm of the injection. I also have a racing heart and feel anxious! I rang an out of hours nurse who told me it couldn’t possibly be related to the injection.. yet up until the injection had felt fine. It is a great relief to my increasing paranoia that others have experienced similar problems stemming from this vaccine. If only doctors and nurses were more clued up from the experiences of their patients rather than listening only to the drug companies dogma.

  186. Denise / Apr 14 2009 11:24 am

    I went to get a tetanus booster last Fri and the health dept gave me a Td shot. Slightly sore arm day 1,but felt fine. That night woke up 4 times to urinate-this was unusual for me. Next day my arm was so sore could barely move it(and large swollen lump), but did because they said the more you move it the less it will hurt. Had chills and began to get tired and lightheaded. Took temp in the evening, it was 100.8. Took ibuprofen and went to bed. Woke up many times because of soreness, weird dreams and chills and then feeling extremely hot. Took ibuprofen at 6 am-fever back. Slept in until 9:00am. Today(Sun) felt out of it-fever off and on, chills, tired, achy and shoulder hurt so bad that I could barely lift it above shoulder level. I kept moving the shoulder, even occassionally lifting light weights to keep it from getting too stiff. Continued ibuprofen(now 800mg) went to bed at midnight Sun night and took over the counter sleeping pill still feeling horribly. Slept 11 hrs woke feeling a little better. Fever gone, still tired and sore. Today is Tues. I am still feeling weak and arm is not as sore, but still hurts and still has large lump including lumpy area further down. Feels as if I had some bad injury to my shoulder area. At first I thought I had some viral illness at the same time as shot. Now I think that the shot caused these symptoms. I am going to call the health dept today to get the name of the shot and the manufacturer. This is ridiculous if many people are having apparent adverse reactions and are being told ahead of time that you will have no symptoms..maybe a sore arm!! This is pain, not soreness and I have felt very sick for days.

  187. melody / Apr 21 2009 11:22 pm

    Hi everyone, I had a tetnus shot over 6 months ago (acutally 7 months) and I still have severe pain in my arm. It usually doesn’t bother me much during the day, however at night when I am laying in bed if I move my arm or lay on my side (with the side that the shot was on facing upwards not lying on the arm), I get severe pain. Enough to wake me up if I sleeping and enough from keeping me from sleeping. I’m on Naproxen for other issues, but it doesn’t help. At one point, I thought I had a blood clot and even got checked for it. It wasn’t until recently that I noticed the main cause of pain was the exact spot I had the tentanus shot. When I touch it, it is very sore to the touch. Can anyone tell me if this is a possible reaction to it and should I see my doctor. I can’t find anything about this, because it is such a long time with the pain.

  188. Melissa Maxwell / Apr 25 2009 5:44 pm

    I had a reaction that I know was related to the tetanus vaccine. Six days after getting the vaccine in my left upper arm I began to feel warmth in my left breast. The warmth would come and go and was also in my left shoulder and arm. I also had intermitten numbness in my left arm. 24 days after the vaccine I began to have pain and cramping in my left breast, throughout the time since the vaccine I had the warmth that came and went. On the 25th day I woke up with all pain and warmth gone. During this time I had a mammogram which revealed noticeable density in my left breast. I am convinced that my breast issues are related to this vaccine. It would have been nice to know. After reading about possible side effects, neuropathy (nerve dysfunction) was noted-which could have caused all of my symptoms.

  189. xxxxx / Apr 25 2009 7:01 pm

    As a 7.5 year old i received a tetatus injection which resulted in the horrific adverse reaction, Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis or ADEM. The result was total paralysis from the waist down, fever, horrific pain and whilst the paralysis eased, i had periodic bouts of ill health until 26, when i was given a multiple sclerosis diagnosis.
    I am in no doubt that my MS was triggered by the auto-immune element on the ADEM…..

  190. Trish / Apr 27 2009 1:12 am

    I too experienced these flu symptoms, I had the TD shot on Wednesday 22nd April 2009. I am still feeling unwell with Flu like symptoms,really tired, with violent headaches. These symptoms have now lasted for 5 days, I am hoping the symptoms go by the end of the week. My GP said that this is a common side effect, flu symptoms, when Td shots are given. He also said I probably had enough immunity being aged over 50 years, without the injection.

  191. Trish / Apr 27 2009 4:57 am

    Brachial neuritis following tetanus injection.

    Can anyone please tell me if it is possible to get this in my right shoulder/arm?

    After having the TD Injection in my left arm. This severe pain came on [in my right arm/shoulder] a couple of hours after having the Td injection in my left arm.

    Thank you

  192. Sheila Felsen / Apr 30 2009 3:21 pm

    THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR POSTS. I had a shot last Thurs. and a knot and itchiness around the injection site. Yesterday morning I awoke to a 5.5″ x 3.5″ bright red blotch on my arm. The area was brightest and reddest around the periphery. It was very hot to the touch. Called Dr. who took her time getting back to me; by then I had taken aspirin, antihystamine and applied caladryl. She said to go to walk in if it got worse or come in tomorrow. Went in this morning; by now the red is still there but fading and it burns much less. It’s slightly itchy. Dr. said to take Advil or Aleve, gave me amoxycillin prescription and said to apply calamine lotion. Thank you all for your blogs. I was pretty scared but knowing others had the same or similar reactions and that it got better was very comforting.

  193. Dawn / May 6 2009 12:35 am

    My daughter had a tetnus boster at 12 years old, and now six days later she has a raised red patch on her arm and it is hot and itchy. Last night she couldn’t sleep due to severe stomach ache and headache. We hope tomorrow is better.

  194. dabbie / May 13 2009 8:14 am

    Thanks for the info, I just had my Td shot yesterday and today I can’t fully raise my left arm, and now I’m at work and I’m having a head ache and neck pain and it feels like my muscle is jumping in my left shoulder where I had the shot. I had this before but I don’t remember If I had this symptoms after my shot. This is painful, at least I’m adult how much more with those babies or younger ones.

  195. Alida Miller / May 14 2009 5:56 pm

    I got a booster on Tuesday. Tuesday night my throat started to hurt and I got the chills. Wednesday morning I was congested but went to work. Left early and went back to the doctor. He prescribed a Z Pack. I laid in bed from 2pm on Wednesday going through the fever and chills. Today is a bit better but I am easily fatigued and still feel warm and congested. I hope this goes away soon!

    • anjali / May 21 2009 1:17 am

      I had the shot on May 15, 2009 and it has already been 5 days. The symptoms are not seeming to get better. I have a weird back ache and the lymph node in the neck area is swollen quite a bit. Also, I lost my appetite and cant eat anything without feeling nauseated. The soreness in the muscle is almost gone now but the other symptoms just don’t seem to go away. I will be checking with the doctor in a few days if this continues. If I find out something, I will post it.

      • Josh / Jun 14 2009 3:30 pm

        Hi there- I received the shot last monday, June 8. Arm was really sore the for 4 days. On Wed, the stomach pain/nausea.. constant headaches started; also, a very general feeling of fatigue. Then on Friday, I noticed the tender/swollen lymph node above my collar bone on the same side that I received the shot. That of course freaked me out.. Yesterday (Saturday)- I felt worse..had the stomach issues including acid reflux (bitter taste) and overall flu like symptoms (no fever however).
        I got so paranoid that early this morning, I went to the ER…they tested blood, urine and gave me a CT scan..all came back normal. When i suggested that I may be reacting to the tetanus shot, they seemed not to think so (or care).. After reading the blogs on this site..Im almost certain the tetanus shot is the cause of all of this. My question to you is… did you go the the dr, what did they say, if so and how long did your symptoms last?

  196. Sandra / May 15 2009 7:36 pm

    I got the shot on Wednesday. Thursday morning arm was sore; Thursday afternoon my lymph node in the armpit from the same side as the shot was swollen and very sore. Friday afternoon the lymph node is still enlarged and painful, I have a headache, sore throat and chills. Ugh.

  197. renee / May 16 2009 9:22 pm

    My husband had the shot on friday morning, the week before he jabbed a rusty piece of metal in his leg. Today (saturday) he said he woke up could not sleep and all day today he feel sore, like flu like symtoms. It even feels like he has a fever (no coughing) just tired run down, sore muscles poor guy not to mention the sore arm and nasty headaches he is now having. glad i found this site did not think there would be a reaction like this to a tetanus shot. yuk

  198. FFL / May 30 2009 11:42 pm

    I’m assuming since most of you are not posting again about your symptoms that they have gone away? I had a tetanus shot Fri, and cannot lift my arm/have pain and feel achy. It feels as if I have done way too many push ups and have been punched in the arm hard several times. It’s also very stiff. I never had this reaction before to a tetanus or any shot. The shot was kind of high on the arm near the shoulder, and I’m wondering if that has something to do with it? Did the person that administered the shot do it correctly? I hope it goes away soon and promise to post a follow up in a few days, no matter what happens.

  199. FFL / May 30 2009 11:56 pm

    Also, I found this information on the CDC website about shot reactions that may be helpful to some.

  200. Enrique / Jun 1 2009 5:35 am

    Don’t do it! I’m a healthy, fit and active 35 year old guy. I went to my annual physical and the Dr. asked me up to 3 times if i wanted the shot… I regret very, very few things i’ve done. This is one of them. 5 days of complete misery. Constant headaches. Fever. Pain on my arm, shoulder and arm pit. Lack of sleep. Neck and back stifness and of course an overwhelming sense of fatigue. Had to cancel all my weekly vacation plans and of course ruined my friends and family’s as well. This is my contribution to society. Don’t do it.

  201. sissa / Jun 3 2009 3:00 pm

    I had gone to my doctor yesterday for a knee injury and left with not such good news and a tetanus booster shot!(to my surprise)I am 30 and didnt even think of having to get anymore shots! So here I am today at work and MISERABLE, my left arm feels like it is going to fall off my head is throbbing my neck is stiff and I feel like I havent slept in weeks….But thank goodness I stumbled upon this blog..I hope that by tomarrow I feel better.

  202. Ashley / Jun 6 2009 5:01 am

    I had gotten my tentanus shot about five days ago. First day was ok. I was surprised I didn’t even mind the needle part. No big deal. Then the next day is when I felt the red swollen bump on my left arm! Then the next few days I have been doing nothing but sleeping, dierah, spacey feeling and just not with it! I’m lucky I have a few days off work! My arm still feels sore and now it’s very itchy. The swollen has gone down a little. I didn’t put ice or a heating pad on it. I just toke Tylinol and that seemed to help and also with my headachs. I seemed to have a lot of headachs as well. The next morning I woke up, I felt very stiff and just like I had the flue. Thankfully I didn’t have any temprature, but I did feel real hot! You would think your doctor would of warned you about the symtoms or tell you if you have any servere reaction that you should call the next day. I guess I’m just waiting it out. I also haven’t been eating that much. Nothing really seems to taste right. Oh well, am sure in a couple days will be fine! I just don’t feel like myself lately!

  203. Pam-pam / Jun 11 2009 11:58 am

    I had a tetanus shot yesterday. As I remember from past shots, I tried to exercise my arm periodically throughout the day to keep that muscle loosened. By last night my arm was very sore, muscle aches, headache and today I feel like I had NO SLEEP AT ALL. I’ve never had any type of reaction like this before (that I remember) and am somewhat upset with my doctor for not informing me of possible side-effects. Now, I’m heading out for a long weekend and can only hope I feel better by tomorrow!
    FFL, I’m anxious to hear how you are feeling after two weeks.

  204. Linda / Jun 15 2009 1:07 pm

    I had my shot today.

    I had weird jaw pain/popping/clicking after dental work in 12/08. Then I had muscle spasms in the face and stiff everything (jaw. neck.back, spasms in legs,back,midback,arms). no one mentioned tetanus. Haven’t received tetanus in last years. One unexplained symptom was that my jaw slide side to side uncontrollably. so i thought it might be because i needed a tetanus shot or its ligament damage. TMJ MRI completely normal (no internal derangement or discs displacement).

    could tetanus have imposter tmj all these 6 months? does this mean that it’ll go away after i got a tetanus shot?

  205. Chad / Jun 18 2009 10:55 am

    I had my shot last Friday…came home went straight to bed…then the massive headaches and body aches started…I had to go home from work early on Monday to sleep. I was totally freaking out until I found this site and am now relieved. Today I feel better however I am sticking to only water and absolutely nothing else( no coffee, booze etc.) What really pisses me off…is I know full well about thermasol (mercury) in the shots and I even asked the doctor…”is there mercury in this? will there be side effects?”

    His answer was a giggle and oh no not to worry. I was concerned because my parents were coming from out of town to visit and I was looking forward to spending time with them. Instead I was sick in bed and causing them concern for my health. So I called the doctor and told him my symptoms…he said “oh yah that’s normal if you aren’t better in a few days you should come back in” WTF? So this is totally expected. Thanks for the heads up jerk…and sure enough I got the exact name of the shot he gave me and it was a multi-dose vial that contains thermasol.

    bottom line is I am convinced these are reactions to the thermasol(mercury) and I will have to be near death before I let them jab me with one of these again. I will also never let them stick me with one without reading the vaccine ingredients first and if there is a thermasol free alternative I will demand that. I got this vacc when I was a kid and had no reactions…likely because thermasol wasn’t in it at that time. My doctors inability to warn me of side effects nearly got me in hot water at work as well…I had deadlines that needed to be met and could barely keep my wits about me do to the flu like symptoms…thank god for laptops and being able to work from bed.

    Severely unimpressed…but feeling better.

  206. poems2order / Jul 3 2009 12:52 pm

    Hi Everyone,
    I had both a tetanus and a shingles shot in the upper left arm Wed part of a physical exam. After a day the injection sites swelled and itched. It’s Friday morning now and I have a red patch and swelling at both injection sites. I was totally exhausted yesterday and slept on my right side to keep off the sore arm. I felt what I call malaise. It seemed a little hard to breathe. I have also felt this when I have a full blown case of erythema nodosum. I have not had an EN flare up from this shots so far. Raising the arm is painful and I can’t get it up too high. Not much of a fever, but a little high for my normal. I had the tetanus shot a bit over 10 yrs ago due to a splinter. I remember it hurt then too. Maybe I should have used ice on it, but probably too late now. Hopefully the symptoms won’t get worse. I do recall having a similar experience when I was stung by a bee a very long time ago. I am glad I chose to have the two shots in my left arm. At least I can use my right and no problem typing. I hope everyone feels better soon! At least we won’t get tetanus!

  207. Chad / Jul 16 2009 3:49 pm

    This blog is extremely helpful with regards to putting people’s mind at ease who have had adverse reactions….PLEASE OPEN UP THE COMMENTS AGAIN!!!!

  208. Karen Warner / Aug 24 2009 12:47 am

    It has been 6 weeks since I received the tetanus booster. I had a medication change at the same time. When I called to tell the Dr. of tingling in my arm in which the shot was given she adjusted the medication. It had no effect, but the nurse down played it when I called back and said as long as it does not last for prolonged periods, I should just try to ignore. It still tingles at least 4-5 times a day for brief periods.

  209. Kathy B / Sep 12 2009 10:12 am

    Following up from my earlier comment- see #126. I had a tetnus shot 15 months ago. I am still dealing with upper arm muscle soreness and weakness to the point that it keeps me awake at night as well as limits some of my daily activities. I was a very healthy, active outdoor person, now I am constantly trying to keep my arm strength built up enough to lift my arm. Not a day goes by that I don’t wish I had said NO to my doctors advice to get the shot. I am convinced that doctors don’t understand or don’t care about the possible ramifications of these shots, oterhwise maybe they would be more discriminate and more knowledgeable about when and who to give them to. I am not advocating that tetnus shots be banned, but “We the people” have a right to know the dangers. Someone mentioned that the vaccine was better than getting tetnus. At least tetnus is curable, I may have to live with the results of what this vaccine is doing to my body for the rest of my life. WARNING: Don’t let doctors combine shots or give you a shot if your immune system isn’t 100%!! Thanks Dan for letting me vent.

  210. Charmaine B / Sep 14 2009 1:12 am

    I am amazed at all that I’ve just read. This was not my first tetanus shot but I cannot remember having any reaction like this. This past Thursday during my physical my doctor thought it was time for another shot since it was probably over 10 years since I had one. I was offered the flu shot as well. Thank God I said no to that. Thursday night I started to feel as if I were coming down with the flu. I took Aleve and went to bed. I felt better the next morning and forgot about the whole thing except for the swelling around the vaccine site. Friday evening again I started to feel feverish and fatigued so I took another tabled and went to bed. During the night I had a fever over 100 degrees, and body aches like I’d never felt before. By that time the vaccine site had become quite swollen and painful, in spite of my massaging the area and applying a hot washcloth like the nurse advised. The flu-like symptoms lasted all day Saturday, and during the night all my joints ached. Today is Sunday and I feel much better – no fever or aches. The swelling is huge and still quite sore and hot to the touch.
    I was so surprised at this reaction I just had to see if anyone else had experienced it. I think patients need to be advised of the possibility of this so they can make an informed decision. I might have opted not to have the vaccine rather than expose my healthy body to this. I wonder if, over the years, the vaccine has changed. Some of the stories above are quite scary.

  211. Petra / Sep 19 2009 12:26 am

    I got the tetnus shot 9/16 and I feel like crap!! The injection site is the size of a golf ball, my entire arm aches and my neck and shoulder is stiff. I asked the Nurse if the shot was going to hurt and her response was NO!! Why she had to lie I wish I knew…. The advice on here has been great I will use an ice pack.. Feel better everyone and God Speed to recovery..

  212. Susan K / Sep 20 2009 11:26 am

    From the looks of all the posts here, my not-so-normal feeling after getting a tetnis shot sounds pretty normal! I don’t ever remember having these types of symptoms (red, swollen, painful and warm area at injection site; headaches; body aches; nausea;fatigue) from previous tetnis shots. And, I think if they were ever this bad, I would remember! I told my husband that I think they screwed up and gave me a flu shot, instead of tetnis. But, again, from the sound of everyone else in misery on this blog, that I did indeed get the right shot. It sure would be nice if the nurse would have forewarned me! What’s really wierd is that the flu-like symptoms didn’t start until approximately 30 hours after I got the shot. Only pain at the injection site before that. It’s now 48 hrs after the shot and it actually became itchy in the middle of the night last night. Been putting cortisone on it, but not helping. Guess I’ll try Benedryl, but hate to do it, as it makes me SO sleepy! I read online to try Ibuprofen, so I did that last night and it did help with the aches and headache. I also took Tylenol PM to help me sleep through the night. Body aches and headache still there, but not as bad, which I’m hoping means there is light at the end of this miserable tetnis shot tunnel! Thanks to all the previous posters for your insightful info that helped me learn that it’s all typical stuff!

  213. Travis / Sep 20 2009 5:14 pm

    I received a Tetanus shot last Tuesday (today is Sunday) and I’m feeling a lot better than I did. My arm is still swollen at the injection site and it itches. After getting the shot Tuesday morning I felt wiped out and Wednesday I felt like I had the flu. My roommate felt my back and said that it was a lot tighter than normal so she worked on it and even on my shoulder where I was given the shot. Within minutes of working on my shoulder I started getting very light headed and nauseous. So I recommend avoiding any kind of pressure on the shot area. I’m sure it was just making the whole process worse, because no massage has ever done that to me. I seriously thought I was going to pass out. The shot also made my work week (I’m a waiter) hell. I couldn’t focus on anything and moving at a fast pace while multitasking seemed very difficult from normal. But considering some of the horror stories I’ve read about Tetanus shots I count myself lucky….well so far.

  214. Jeremy My / Sep 27 2009 12:42 am

    At the end of March I cut myself with a razor blade at work. I went to the emergency room because of an injury protocol my job has. There they saw that I did not need much help but the doctor says to me “just in case you may need a tetnus shot”. So I took one. Exactly one week later I felt sharp pains in my calves which proceeded towards my shoulder. I would wake up feeling fine and as soon as the day started the joints in my fingers would start hurting almost like arthritis. After about a month I started to have jaw pains (extreme pain) that would only last for about 10 seconds. Then headaches started…terrible headaches. I could hardly think…i could only sit and hold my head. During these other symptoms my muscles and joints still would hurt. In June (2009) it seemed as though the pain and various other effects were subsiding. Then my left eye muscle started to twitch…then my muscles started hurting again…My headaches would come back and the pain would cycle once again. Even now I have even been dealing with this type of cycling. A few weeks ago my left arm muscles were twitching…and my headache came back…and my joints would hurt. I have an appointment with a neurologist in October…I was referred there by my doctor who says that she had a similar complaint from another patient within the same time frame. She also advised me to report to the facility in which i got the shot about the adverse effect it has had on me so they can report it… So we will see. I have been coming to this website since May but never added any comments until now. Hopefully all of you will get better soon.

  215. Donna / Sep 28 2009 7:59 pm

    I am still struggling from the effects of my shot from August 2008. It is hard to get help when the doctors say “that can’t happen”, and give you the “anxiety” diagnosis. I don’t believe instant anxiety occurred in a single day and has effected my life everyday since that dreaded tetanus shot. I still have throat and esophagus spasms and my digestion is totally shot. I also get tingling in my face and strange spasms in the back of my head, and that odd feeling at my spine that occurred just a few days after the shot when my armed swelled up like a baseball, and the pressure began in the back of my head. If you read the insert of the shot itself, you will see it can cause neurological problems, but many doctors don’t know that, which I find shocking. I guess I have won the “vaccine lottery”, with the chances of severe reaction extremely rare.

  216. Danny Tartabul? / Oct 2 2009 1:26 pm

    Oh man. I’m happy to see that these symptoms are normal. I had a tetanus shot yesterday and I am feeling a little sick now. I was worried because I turned down the flu shot and then when I wake up this morning I feel a little sick and I felt perfectly fine yesterday. I have a headache and my arm hurts a little. I feel like I have a slight cold but it’s really nothing though. Not nearly as bad as some of the other peoples symptoms. I guess I was lucky in that regard.

  217. Heather / Oct 12 2009 4:13 pm

    I got a Tetanus shot last Thursday (10/8/09), a week and one day after I got a flu shot in the same arm. This past Saturday I felt a lump on my collarbone and around that area and got VERY concerned b/c I lost a good friend earlier this year to Lymphoma. By readimg this website I feel much better. When I called my Dr about this they acted like it “could” be related to the shot and was not too concerned. That did not make me feel any better though!
    I am glad to hear I am not the only one who has experienece this!

  218. Alberta / Oct 15 2009 9:14 am

    Reading some of these awful reactions I am starting to get scared. I had a tetanus shot 2 days ago and had no reaction for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the injection site swelled slightly, and showed a red area along the muscle of about 6 inches by 2 inches. My upper arm is extremely sore. This condition has persisted now for 24 hours, has not improved, but I have no other symptoms. Blessings to all who became ill. I hope you have improved. I hope I will too.

  219. Lillian / Nov 4 2009 11:08 am

    Thank you for all these posts. I had my tetanus shot on Monday and I have been down and out with my body hurting so bad! This is the only page I’ve found that validates what I’m going through. Thank you for putting my mind at ease!

  220. anna / Nov 27 2009 4:04 am

    hey guys,

    i have being reading through all your comments. I had my tetanus booster 2 weeks ago after falling and badly cutting my hand. I never experienced any flu like symptoms but it feels like I have got a hard marble under the injection site which is pretty painful and it does ache a lot especially when I lift my arm up. My doc said it would go after a few days….quite clearly it hasnt but I cant lay on my right side because it is real painful..I was just wondering how long this would last!!


  221. Ann / Dec 3 2009 12:05 am

    I am becoming very worried after reading these posts. I got a tetanus shot two days ago. My arm is still in a lot of pain. I can hardly lift it. I have a large red area on my arm which is firm and hot. It seems that this is a common reaction which makes me feel slightly better. My doctor did not warn me about this reaction.

  222. Rebecca / Dec 20 2009 11:41 pm

    I had a tetanus booster on 12/4/09 during my annual physical because I couldn’t remember the last time I had received one. I received the shot in my left arm. I developed an enlarged lymph node in my left arm pit several days later. So painful I am unable to sleep at night. I had a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound on 12/18/09 because the doctors have no idea the cause. After discovering this blog – I believe I have discovered the reason for the enlarged lymph node. Thanks for keeping the blog open. Thoughts and prayers to all who are suffering….

    • glenn / Jan 15 2010 9:13 am

      How long did it take for the node to go down?

  223. Anu / Jan 6 2010 1:07 am


    Thank you for this blog. I just got the booster yesterday and almost fell over at work because everything kept going grey on me. Had to come home early. I felt like hell when I woke, and…figured it was the flue just as many others here did.

    Nothing’s really getting rid of the headache, the thought of food repulses me, I hurt everwhere…

    ….same as all the rest.

    Thank you thank you thank you. :-)

    And thanks to everyone else for sharing…except the rabid little ankle biters who passed judgement on the rest…

    In ten years, I’ll still get the shot…but I’ll get it when I can take time off of work…I’ve got a budget meeting in two days….oy!

  224. Joanna / Jan 12 2010 5:13 am

    Like some of you, I usually don’t post comments on blogs that I don’t frequent often, but I received a tetanus shot on Friday morning (01/08/10) and am worried about my body’s reaction to it. I had gone to the doctor for an annual physical and she recommended a tetanus shot since I couldn’t remember having ever taken one. (I should mention that I never get flu vaccines.)

    By the end of Friday, my arm felt heavy but I had been massaging the injection site all day as the nurse suggested. I had unusually severe headaches over the weekend and some very disturbing dreams the first two nights. It hurt to lay on my left side or to massage my arm, but I forced myself to do so. I had fever-like chills and aching all over my body the second day and noticed the injection area becoming more pinkish and swollen. My arm was still sore. By Sunday (day 3), the swollen area grew more but the chills and dreams were gone and the soreness was starting to fade. Today’s Day 4 and I can now lift my elbow up towards my head (not feasible two days ago!). I’ve also noticed the swelling has grown even more – about the size of my palm – and it’s beginning to itch. The injection site is now a brighter red and harder than the surrounding skin.

    This was enough to make me research online and call my sister, who is a nurse (something I should’ve done BEFORE taking the shot). She suggested a warm compress, Ibuprofen for the swelling and to call the doctor tomorrow about the reaction. From a medical standpoint, she doesn’t think the shot was necessary and after this reaction, it definitely makes me think twice about doctors’ vaccine recommendations.

    Thank you for keeping this going. It’s helped a lot knowing this is vaguely ‘normal’.

  225. Cathy / Jan 23 2010 5:52 pm

    I am 57 yrs old and it had been ten years since my last tetnus shot. I had a tetnus/ ?? shot on December 30, 2009 and it is now January 23, 2010. I am having terrible pain where they gave me the shot, 24 hrs a day. I have been laying an ice pack on it at night, but that doesn’t help much. It is swollen, tender to the touch and I have a hard time even moving my arm. I am right handed and they gave it to me in my right arm. I thought that was odd. Should I just put up with this pain or call the doctor. It’s been over three weeks now and it hasn’t gotten any better. It’s gotten worse. I haven’t had any flu symptoms.

  226. Jennifer / Feb 1 2010 2:39 am

    I just recently had a tetanus shot about 7 days ago. Although arm was extremely sore, i have since noticed a rash, maybe even hives but they are only on my upper shoulders, chest, neck, and my upper back below neck. Its the weirdest thing ever and it’s freaking me out! I’ve never had hives before in my life and not sure what they look like. But im definitly thinking i got an elergic reaction the shot! Any one else experience a rash after tetanus, and can you tell me what hives look like? Thank you so much.

  227. Marilyn / Feb 4 2010 4:57 pm

    I had a tetnaus shot yesterday. I’ve had them before, but couldn’t remember if I had flu like symptoms the next day. My arm hurts a lot and I also ache all over, have a low grade fever, and thought about it and called my Dr to see what they would say. My Dr said I had a positive antibiotic reaction and that I probably would never need a tetnaus shot again. He is an Internal Medicine DR. If I had this kind of reaction before, I believe I probably did not connect it with the the shot and just went a long thinking I had the flu. I found this site before calling the DR. I did not tell them I read these things on here as I wanted to know what I would be told without doing that.

  228. Laci / Feb 7 2010 12:55 am

    Glad I found this blog. Interesting reading others reactions. I accidently drilled a hole into my thumb and broke the drill bit. Went to the local Med Clinic where they removed bits of metal and said the rest would work it’s way out in time. Had the shot, no prob. until the next morning. Felt like someone punched me in the arm, hurt more than the accident itself. If anyone came near my arm I would yell at them “My Arm!” I have felt like tired and sore these past few days, and I finally looked at my arm in the mirror and it is obviously swollen and red and about the size of a tennis ball. But, I have checked out some other sources for info. re: why my shot hurts so much and I think in my situation, I took the shot too frequently. I was advised to take it before a pregnancy about five years ago, and then was advised to take another “new” dose about 22 mo. ago because I had a newborn. And then this time I agreed to take the shot rather than risk the illness with the puncture wound. Maybe too many shots made me hurt so much this time, but I would rather this over “lock jaw.” I suppose everyone can decide for themselves what they want to do or not do for their own health, but I wish there was more advice on how to manage your personal health decisions. Such as, do I really need ANOTHER shot even though I just had one. Sometimes better safe than sorry, but I do wonder just how many additives we are taking in what the long term effects are if any, or do our doctors really know. One thing I feel sure of is that this shot does hurt after taking it, but I wish the Dr. would be upfront about the side effects and give me some tylenol before leaving the office. One more thing, this isn’t the only shot that really hurts bad. I feel like I am more sensitive to pain than some people therefore most IM injections are going to hurt me to some degree and I may feel more side effects. Well, I hope everyone that has posted has recovered and hopefully you won’t need another booster for 10 yrs!!!! (Unless the new version is avail.). Okay, that last part was a poor attempt at humor as that was what I did…. anyway, I hope all recover and get well soon! Sorry your shot made you feel bad too!

    Thanks for letting the blog keep running-very interesting stories and accounts people have experienced!

  229. Lisa / Feb 24 2010 2:22 am

    I had the DPT this afternoon after over 15 years of waiting. Doc said I needed the booster. Over 15 years ago when I had it, I experienced about five days of flu like symptoms.

    Today, when the needle first went into the muscle (I made it a point to relax beforehand), and the plunger was depressed, a shooting sensation of coolness coupled with an unusual pain, spread first, down my arm, then into my chest where it now feels like someone has punched me. When I breathe deeply, there’s pain in the extreme.

    In December, I was diagnosed with what might have been Pertussis. Doc said I should have the vaccine anyway, because we didn’t know for certain whether I had it or not (we didn’t test for it because I have a nasal passageway issue – a deviated septum that’s left one of the turbinates hanging down – was surgically corrected once, but has come loose since), and the test for Pertussis would have caused the turbinate to tear and bleed. Anyway, it seems that Pertussis is going around and on the increase in the adult population.

    So this time my tetanus-Pertussis-Diptheria shot has had a somewhat different reaction. While at rest earlier, I was having trouble breathing. My back aches all the time from a degenerative disease and nerve root ending troubles, but this ache is deeper. My chest aches, too, as if I was dealing with the severe cough that lasted from December to now (and tho waning, it is still here occasionally).

    After reading many of the posts, I would still get the vaccine. I would rather suffer from a few minor side effects that pass over time than deal with getting tetanus.

    Since I work in an area where there is a lot of rusty metal, and work with animals, I must have this booster every ten years. At least by 2020, they may have come up with a better one (that’s how long I have til the next one, anyway).

    Body aches, chest pain, pain in the arm that had the vaccine; I chalk the arm and chest pain up to the possibility that the needle hit a nerve.

    Swelling at the vaccine site is normal, as is some minor bruising. Yes, my arm still aches and is hard to move for now, but as I posted in another location, this too, shall pass.

    Again, it’s better than getting the bacterium. Tetanus isn’t a virus, it’s a bacteria. Remember, there is bacterial pneumonia and viral pneumonia, right? Tetanus is not a virus, it’s a bacteria that can wreak havoc on the system, causing a seriously painful way to die.


  230. a.c. / Mar 15 2010 8:28 pm

    hi guys.. just wanted to ask for any updates on your cases? i may have had an adverse reaction to a tetnus shot and am under doc care – please update on your conditions if u can.. would love to talk to some of you..helps to have a friend who knows what ur goin thru.. thanks!

  231. dex / Mar 16 2010 12:01 am

    Thank God I found this Blog, I have been feeling paranoid the past 2weeks when I felt a swollen lymph node appeared above my collar bone after my anti tetanus and anti rabies shot. My only question is how long does it take before the swelling goes down

    • Kourtni / Jun 13 2010 3:55 am

      i got a tetanus shot 4 days ago. yesterday i noticed the swollen lymph node above my collarbone and it hurts like crazy. I haven’t found anything on the internet about how long it lasts but i’m glad to see that i am not the only one.

  232. Katy / Mar 26 2010 5:21 pm

    I’m very thankful to find all of this information. My symptoms are much milder than those on here that I’ve been reading through, but it helps to ease my concern.

    I got the Tetanus booster about a week and a half ago in preparation for a missions trip. I had the typical (left) arm pain the few days after, but it subsided. Though the pain at the injection site is gone (still a small lump), I have been noticing progressive pain in my left hand and lower arm. It feels like my muscles are tired or have been strained. Based on how it feels, I want to massage it, but that doesn’t really help. It is more noticeable when I am still – moving my arm/hand actually seems to help. It feels like it’s nerve-related somehow. Any one else experienced this?

    I hope it goes away soon, and that all of you are feeling better!

  233. W / Apr 3 2010 4:42 am

    Glad i found this blog!

    I had my tetanus shot on Thursday afternoon, have been fine until just now. I just woke up with a very sore arm and sore throat. Feeling a bit dizzy but then its 3:40am. I did take Vitamin C earlier before i went to bed and im hoping i dont feel any worse in the morning. Now if i could just get back to sleep..

  234. KIMBERLY / Apr 9 2010 9:45 am

    On March 29,2010,@ approx. 1930 hrs, I received a bite to to the top left shoulder by a resident who has dimentia. My shoulder began to bleed and sting.I reported the incident,filled out the required papers for WSIB but was told that I couldn’t leave to go to emerg until 2100 hrs. I finally got to emerg and had to WAIT… It wasn’t until 2345 hrs that I received my Tetanus shot. It was mildly painful but I had no idea what I was in for next. By 3 o’clock the next afternoon I started to feel flu-like symptoms at work-I stuck it out though. By the time my shift was over {2130}I went home and become very sick.
    a) I developed a severe head-ache,feeling like there was not enough room to no longer accommodate my brain.
    b) I began to loose my hearing, sounds like I am under water.
    c)dizzy, loss of balance,little coordination
    d) nausea, and violent episodes of vomiting green bile(which con’t on and off for 48 hrs).
    e) extreeme weekness, fatigue.
    f) stiff/sore neck and swollen on the right side.
    g) body pain-rated 6-8 on the pain scale.
    These symptoms intensified rapidly rendering me incapable of helping myself. Finally my partner took me into emerg.A Dr. sent me over to another hospital for a CT scan(possibly a small stroke he stated) where after 6 hrs the test results came back neg. so they treated the nausea/vomiting and head-ache via scripts and sent me home. The problem was I couldn’t keep anything down-vomiting every 10-15 min.but I had settled long enough to get a few hours sleep only to wake up with distorted vision coupled with strobe-like lights and colors, and to top it off I had developed tinitis-ringing in my ears.I could barely move but back to the hospital we went. By now its April 2 and my third trip to the hospital. I was in tears,frightened and very sick. Finally after another 7 hrs,and 4 injections(2 in the R. shoulder for nausea and vomiting & 2 in the R hip for head-ache) I was starting to get some releif. It wasn’t until late Fri.-April 2 that some of the many symptoms had subsided. Sat,Sun,Mon had passed and I went to my family Dr. where he told me that I may have experienced an alergic reaction to the tetanus shot. Today its April 9 and I still have some fatigue and a sore neck but more than anything I
    am pissed. Nobody should ever have to go through what I went through. Thanx for letting me vent, this was a true nightmare.

  235. PJ / May 12 2010 8:09 pm

    I came across this site after having a reaction to what I thought could be my tetanus shot which lead me to do a search online to see if it were normal to react to the tetanus shot other then soreness at the site. I went for my yearly yesterday and the Dr seen that I had not gotten a tetanus in like 30 years so he suggested I get it before leaving his office. I was always under the impression that you only got a tetanus after cutting yourself bad or stepped on something like a rusty nail. The Dr’s office stated there might be some very sore muscles in the area of the shot for up to 24 hours but nothing else was said. I started getting the shakes about 6 hours after taking the shot and thought to myself what’s going on because I felt perfectly fine earlier that day and it felt like I was starting to come down with the flu. Then I started chilling and aching all over and had a little bit of an upset stomach as if I were going to vomit but didn’t. My eyes started bothering me really bad so I quite what I was doing and made myself some hot tea and took a couple ibuprofen and then noticed when I lifted my head that my neck and the whole area across the top of my shoulders ached like bruised muscles and felt stiff. The longer the nite went on the more I felt like crap just as if it were the flu hitting me. I went to bed, got up twice during the night only to feel very weak and achy. By morning I still felt pretty yucky plus felt light headed and my face/eyes felt and looked alittle puffy. I had never heard anyone comment on a tetanus shot reacting in this way until now but nothing is impossible when it’s man made. I decided to call my Dr’s office to report it and check with them about what was going on, they said yes it was normal for some people to have a reaction to the shot like this and just made sure I was ok and not gettng any worse. It’s too bad they don’t feel a need to let people know that this could happen so you would at least know what might be going on. I’m feeling much better tonight but not so sure i’ll take the tetanus again if I am not in need of it…

  236. sam / May 13 2010 7:13 pm

    I bought a beautiful pair of Steve Madden heels last November. As I took a step off my front porch the right shoe ripped and sent me down three steps to the ground on my knees. I was severly scrapped and cut by rocks. I went to the doc the next day and he insisted that I have a tetnus booster. I have been messed up ever since!!!! It’s like my immune system is overreacting all the time. I have allergy like systoms with coughing and conjestion. I’m completely exhausted all the time. I have a large pit on my arm at the injection site that looks like a small pox vacine site. I’ve been back to the doc at least five times since December 2009. I’ve had to do breathing treatments, I’ve had horrible asthma like attacks where I can’t take a breath. This is going on six months now and I still haven’t regained my voice, the cough is still horrible and I still feel like I have the flu. What the heck it happening?????? Someone please help!

  237. karas / May 18 2010 2:18 am

    May 17, 2010-I had a tetanus shot approximately 2 months ago, cut finger badly while working around/in my horse’s stall. Next day felt “out of it” and by evening had fever, chills, body ache, and did not go to work all week. Felt better by weekend but on following Tuesday seemed to relapse, similiar symptoms, but more weak/fatigued/chilled than fever flu like symptoms. Since then I have bounced back several times but cannot seem to come back 100%. Been missing work, too weak to get up in the morning, later in day seem better, but mornings are horrible. Taking my wash from the washer to the dryer I start sweating and my legs ache so badly I have to lie down. I found out 2 weeks ago my internist has been overdosing my on my thyroid medication, hence taking me into hyperthyroidism and those symptoms are fatigue, muscle aches, etc. But I keep coming back to the reaction I had from the tetanus shot and still feel this is still a reaction from it. Has anyone every heard to someone still symptomatic after 2 months?

    thanks, glad I found this blog as well.

  238. K / May 25 2010 5:07 pm

    I had a tetnus shot one week ago – two days later I had a large red area on my arm where the shot was given / there was a large knot under the skin that felt hot. The knot is now s-l-o-w-l-y getting smaller, feels less hot. What is lingeing is wrist and finger achyness / weakness, in both arms. I cant lift anything or open a jar. Next time I “need” a tetnus shot I will thing twice.

  239. kristen / May 29 2010 10:06 pm

    Hi Dan and all – Just wanted to be the next participant in this neverending list of comments. Dan, come on – you know this is a funny phenomenon.

    I got a tetanus shot yesterday and have had body aches, headache, and fatigue today. Don’t know about fever. Sucks because my husband and I were supposed to have a whole weekend of spring cleaning before a move. I lasted about 2 two hours this morning then couldn’t really do more than lounge. Yes, it would be nice if the doctor had warned of possible reactions, but that probably wouldn’t have stopped me from getting the vaccination as it was in preparation for a trip to Russia.

    Let’s begin a “best of” for this comment list – my favorite so far has been the lady who got cut by falling in a hole near a pond trying to chase off an owl from baby ducks.

    Thanks. Удачи вам.

  240. FFL / Jun 3 2010 4:39 pm

    I posted before about a year ago above and I am back to report that my arm is definitely better. I have almost complete mobility now (about 95%) The doc said it would take about 6 months to a year to heal. He diagnosed it as tendinitis (although I didn’t have an MRI and don’t know for sure what was really going on) and said light physical therapy and time should take care of it. I even canceled my 5 month follow up appt with him because it was getting much better. So there’s hope, and at least for me time did do the trick.

  241. Sereen / Jun 5 2010 8:04 pm

    Thank god for this post! I thought I had breast Cancer!!!!! Day FOUR after my TDAP and my axillary lymph nodes under my right arm are STILL swollen. This hurts more than child birth!!! I’d rather die from tetanus than get this shot EVER again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  242. Breid Cassidy / Jun 6 2010 11:10 am

    I has tetanus shot on Tuesday following cat scratch. I got it in hip with no soreness, but I have really sore throat and have taken antibiotics for four days now and no better, also feeling like I have flu. So glad to read this site as I was really worried about my symptoms and why I was’nt beginning to feel better.

  243. Paul Rosebeth / Jun 12 2010 7:46 am

    As many have already commented, it is indeed comforting to read that your note the “lone one”; not so sure its as reassuring that with clearly a lot of reactions that the doctor didnt feel it poignant to spend a few minutes explaining the potential agonizing pain my wife is suffering from (anything stronger than a soft summer breeze on her arm feels like a troup of male walrus have parked themseleves, she has a swelling on her neck the size of Donald Trumps ego, this aint no fun) rather than the “Oh its just a quick shot, no problems”.

    Without question these vaccines are a must but nevertheless, a few more details to set expectations should also be provided.

  244. Elaine / Jun 22 2010 5:06 pm

    The shot brought immediate/crucial pain upon my lower back. I was paralized (lower back) for about 10 days and had very little use of lower legs (without pain)…for years afterwards. I know 2 young people who’d contracted MS and am wondering if the “tetanus shot” had caused it? It was about/almost 20 years ago that I’d gotten the shot. I was bit (small dog bite) and went to the hospital for anti-biotics. They’d recommended a tetanus-shot and afterwards….had told me that it was something “experimental” and had all this good stuff in it and a time-release steroid that would last for 20 years. I’d since put-on 80 pounds and was always a tiny person and not eat much, but the steroid kept the pounds packing-on. For about 10 years, after the shot, I had “excruciating” lower-back pain. I’d used to be very athletic and it had left me – not being able to run. The bottom-line is that the shot “SUCKED!” My message to everyone, “know what da heck you are letting the so-called “professionals”…inject you with….!”

  245. Liz B / Jun 28 2010 10:46 pm

    I am going to college in the fall so I had to get my shots that are required before attending. I got my tetanus shot on June 7th, and didn’t have any symptoms other than an extremely EXTREMELY sore arm. I didn’t have a bruise or swelling, no coughing or any sort of “zombie” qualities. It has been exactly 2 weeks now and I still have a lot of trouble moving my arm. This whole “will only hurt for a few days” bit is a total lie and i believe that doctors tell us it only hurts for a little while so we worry that it has been 2 weeks and go back to see them and pay for the visit.

    I know that may sound a little prejudiced, but hey it seems logical to me.

  246. Mike / Jul 1 2010 10:17 am

    Same symptoms as many here- why doesnt the doctors/nurses warn you about these things?? Never had a reaction before.

    Got my shot on Monday. Tuesday- arm was very sore and swollen. Went through a couple of days of minor flu like symptoms- feeling better today but my arm is still very red (about 6 inches long) and swollen, still painful and since last night I have bad pain in my armpit area. Treating with Tylenol- I guess I will call the doctor if it doesnt improve in the next couple of days.

  247. Just4confirmation / Jul 4 2010 1:09 pm

    OK yeh thanks for the blog. Short and sweet got the tetanus shot one or two days ago.. I’m hurting all over my whole body, could barely lift a heavy bag of laundry with two hands that I can normally lift with one. pain weakness, fatigue. almost passed out on a casual bike ride and I never done that before. So I’m no Sherlock but It has to be the shot. I wish there was more official information of the aftereffects of the shot but this blog may be the next best thing. age 28

    resubmitting because i dont see my post, please delete if i double posted.

  248. Zairah / Jul 14 2010 11:11 am

    I had a tetanus shot 2 days ago. First night my arm was sore from about my elbo to my shoulder, but only mildly. Second day I noticed my neck hurt a little and it seemed a lymph node at the base of my neck was slightly swollen and tender to the touch. I’m happy to read other’s had a similiar reaction. My swollen node was on the oppisite side , (left side of my neck, shot was in right arm) though. Today, day 3, I am feeling better. Nomore tendeness in my neck (barely) though I’m still feeling a little run down.

  249. Chad / Jul 21 2010 11:57 am

    I went to see my doctor because I was having lower back pain and he told me I was due for a Tetanus shot. I asked him if it would hurt and he told me just a pinch and some soreness in my arm. Well, this was on Monday at about 12:30 and now my whole body aches with a headache that has lasted since Tuesday morning. I couldn’t even stay at work the whole day yesterday and don’t know if I’ll make it today. I guess the good thing is that I forget about my back pain. I don’t understand why I wasn’t warned by my doctor about this. I feel like I’ve had the flu since yesterday. My arm hurting is one thing, but the body aches are terrible.

  250. Remco / Jul 28 2010 5:20 pm

    I had a Tetanus shot about two weeks ago. After two days I started experiencing panic attacks that went on (but reduced in intensivity) for 4 days. Since my wife and I also moved, I thought it was a reaction to stress and went to see the doctor. The Tetanus shot was not mentioned. Since the attacks were not so severe anymore, he proposed to see if they went away by themselves. I was also prescribed Prednisone for something else and had terrible side effects from this drug. I suffered from terrible hyperarousal, head and muscle aches and as a result of that, insomnia, but no panic attacks. I now quit the Prednisone and after 2 days of withdrawal, my panic attacks are back! It was such a coincidence that the panic attacks began right after the shot, but now, 15 days later, can I still blame the booster? Anyone has experience with this?

  251. Michelle / Jul 31 2010 1:26 pm

    I got the Tetanus shot a few days ago and my arm was sore but my armpit also swelled too..Also I found a painful hard lump about the size of a marble in my armpit too..has anyone else had anything like this? The swelling is starting to go down but the lump is getting bigger! I wish I never got it now!

  252. Zachariah / Aug 3 2010 11:29 pm

    Yesterday I got the shot and I felt fine. This monring morning I woke up with an extremely sore arm & achy body. Now it’s night time and my body feels like it’s on fire and I don’t even have a fever. …..

    I understand that I had to get the shot due to getting cut accidently at work (rusty razorblade). I kind of wish the nurse would have gave me some kind of heads up on what I could possibly be feeling in the near hours.

  253. Mel / Oct 1 2010 7:42 pm

    WOW – had a tetnus w/ wc booster last Thursday. Six days later I’m up in the middle of the night with sweats, arm feeling heavy, shortness of breath, racing body…I woke my husband up and had him drive me to the police to meet rescue. Rushed to Emergency thinking I was having a heart attack or something. Everything was fine per their tests. They gave me a shot to relax me. I think everyone thought I had a panic attack. Two days later, I’m still very tired and feel in a fog. I found the handout I got from the doctors the day of shot. I started reading the side effects and thought “I’m not going crazy”. I think my episode is from that shot??? I should have checked the internet before I said yes to the shot.

  254. Robin / Oct 18 2010 12:44 am

    Oh my — I was fine last night and even today until about 24 hrs. later from the tent. shot. Now I am feeling sickie, like the flu, not hungry at all, and my arm has a knot where the shot was administered. I am glad I have only had this three times in my life. The last one may kill me! However, keep up with your shots!!!!!!! The flip side is nothing to be a part of!

  255. madlyn / Oct 26 2010 11:07 pm

    the information was helpful. I had vaccine and still have pain, in arm pit! Must be reaction to vaccination – that they failed to tell me about.

  256. Paul / Jan 2 2011 1:13 am

    I remember having a bad reaction as a kid to a tetanus, very painful and sensitive arm for week or so. I just recently had to go to ER to have a nail removed and could not recall a recent (2008) vacination, so they gave me another in the ER. I had several days of flu symptoms, low grade fever, aching, chills, being lethargic, etc. I also just noticed that my lymphnodes above my right collar bone are enlarged (like a little ball). I got the shot on my right side too. It looks like there other persons have had similar conditions in the past with swollen supraclavicular nodes? Did they feel it right after the shot or after other symptoms subsided? Also, how long did it take to go away?

  257. Clint / Jan 18 2011 12:08 am

    Had the shot on Friday. Last night my collar bone was burning and itchy. While scratching/rubbing it I noticed a big lump there. It’s swollen on the same side as the shot. I felt like going to the emergency room. I will wait a few days and see if it improves. My right arm is so weak too!

    • irina / Oct 29 2011 4:54 pm

      I had a lump after flu shot vaccine…. did your lump gone away?

  258. Tressa / Feb 27 2011 11:44 pm

    I had a tetanus shot about 5 years ago. I seriously thought I was going to die. Approximately 10 hours after I got it, I became so ill, started throwing up, and my muscles were having spasms like I have never experienced before. It was as though my entire body was convulsing. Even though the majority of the symptoms disappeared after a couple of days….the spasms in especially my legs continued for several months after.

  259. dan / Feb 28 2011 6:58 am

    20 years ago i was diagnosed with ME (chronic fatigue syndrome) caused by a tetanus jab
    the fact i had one only 3 years before increased my sensitivity.
    the last 20 years has been a nightmare,feeling constntly exhausted and looking ghastly.
    i am now left with the desperate need to increase my immune system.
    a very difficult job

  260. Courtney / Mar 11 2011 7:09 pm

    I’m so happy to come across this blog. I’m a bit of a hypochondriac so I began to freak out this morning when I realized my lymph node above my collarbone seemed swollen and super painful. Of course going online doesn’t help when they say that swollen lymph nodes there are abnormal and serious :( I got a DPT shot on Tuesday morning and felt fine until Thursday during the day. My body aches, and feels as though I had an intense workout, when I’ve been doing nothing athletic. My neck hurts and my collarbone and I can barely turn my head :( When will I feel better? :(

  261. james smith / May 9 2011 9:57 pm

    I had a shot last Thursday, today is Tuesday. I have had the worst headaches of my life. I went back to the Dr. today. They gave me a shot that helped for around 4 hours. I have also had a fever the entire time. The CDC is supposed to contact me soon.

  262. moni / May 22 2011 8:07 pm

    I am glad to hear I am not going crazy. The urgent care said that my symptoms (headache, severe nausea, dizziness, muscle aches) were not possible side effects from a tetanus shot. They asked about the injection site, which was fine at the time, but now (5 days after) feels like a bad bug bite (itchy, hard bump like a marble). I am stressed enough about the injury. I don’t wish anyone ill, but it is a huge relief to see it could be the shot after all. Thanks!

  263. Liani / May 23 2011 11:15 am

    I breaks my heart to read about all the complications people have experienced due to vaccines.
    I had Tetanus vaccine last November (5 months ago) and that has resulted in my endless suffering with nerve and muscle pain and cramps.
    Doctors don’t know what happened to me or how to return my health. (I still can not believe this can actually happen, to totally healthy human being, from a tetanus vaccine, but I am living with the horrific results.)
    Initially, I lost a month and a half of work, now I an just struggling through each day.
    Physicians should be required to inform patients these things can and do occur, at least than the patient make an informed decision.
    Making healthy people, quite seriously ill, is a crime and doctors and vaccine makers should be forced to be held accountable.
    Prayers to all!

  264. Nigel C / Jul 15 2011 1:06 pm

    I just had my tetanus shot yesterday for the first time in over 10 years and I feel like I got hit by a truck. My while body aches and like you said I feel exhausted after standing for more then 5 mins. I forgot all of this was involved. My doctor asked me if I wanted it and I should have said no. I am taking a new class and have it tonight between 6-10 that is going to be terrible.

  265. Megan / Jul 26 2011 6:11 pm

    Same thing as Liani. It’s been two and a half months and I’ve been extremely lethargic with muscle fatigue, muscle aches (sometimes feels like they’re burning), headaches, vertigo. I could go on. I live in Los Angeles and work in the entertainment industry where the majority are extremely health conscious. I eat organic foods, no sugar and dark greens every day. I was a very healthy 28 year old. Very active and fit! I hiked, biked, took ballet, traveled, and rode my motorcycle. It’s utterly devastating to battle my body to do the things I love. There are other stories of people out there I’ve read; Many trying to understand what happened to them. Why that reaction? I was told there is a test called “Tetanus Toxoid IgG test”. However once tested there isn’t really anything to be done If you’ve got elevated levels but at least it will give you peace of mind… I

  266. Mark Lowson / Jul 27 2011 10:41 am

    Had a shot on Monday. By Monday night severe chills. It is now wed. I have been unable to eat or drink. Severe Abdominal pain, Diarrhea, stomach upset, headache, nausea. I can deal with most of it but the pain. Reading all this, i guess i just ride it out. BTW i am 45 and in good shape as the shot was part of a physical

  267. The Moose / Aug 6 2011 6:31 pm

    I smashed my finger and got a tetanus shot the next day because I had no idea how long it had been since I had one, if ever.
    I felt fine the rest of that day, but by the next evening I started feeling like I was getting the flu. Headaches, dizziness, body aches, heart racing, and sore throat.
    Its now been two days since I got the shot and I still feel awful. I am a 40 year old healthy male who never goes to the doctor and gets maybe one sinus infection a year and that is it. I hope I will be feeling like my old self by tomorrow.

  268. Michelle / Apr 5 2012 9:32 pm

    I get my shot every 10 years, 4 times total I remember as an adult. After the first experience I thought it was just a one time thing. Now I know I will always have the same reaction. I just plan to have my shot on a Friday or know I will need to take off work a couple days after.

    Extreme pain at shot site, severe body aches and joint pain, pain in neck and back, headache, dizziness, flu like symptoms, unable to sleep, etc.

    I believe in immunizations, I will get mine. I do think my reaction to it sucks, but that is the same every time makes me know I am not losing my mind, it is definitely the shot causing it. I think we are all experiencing similar side effects. Since there are so many of us I just wish there was more of a side effect warning so people would know to possibly expect this. Every time I bring it up to my doctor (just to warn them I may pass out or something) they look at me like it’s never happened before. 4x is a row is no coincidence.

    I think we all acknowledge we know our bodies, we are not making it up (our symptoms) and advocate for ourselves without getting wacky or saying immunizations are bad, they save millions of lives.

    Thanks for all the stories.

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